Jennifer Aniston gay, more than friends with Ellen DeGeneres?

Jennifer Aniston gay, more than friends with Ellen DeGeneres?

Jennifer Aniston is one of the most beautiful faces in Hollywood, but there are speculations that she is gay and more than friends with her close pal Ellen DeGeneres.

Jennifer Aniston married two of the most handsome actors in the movie industry Brad Pitt and Justin Theroux. However, there were still speculations that she is bisexual. The Friends alum addressed the issue when she appeared on Ellen DeGeneres Show.

Jennifer Aniston on being gay

Jennifer Aniston is a constant visitor on The Ellen DeGeneres Show. There was a time when she guest-hosted the show.

During one of her guestings, Ellen DeGeneres asked her In 2018, following Aniston’s split from Justin Theroux, there were rumors that she was back with Brad Pitt. When she appeared on The Ellen Show, the host didn’t tackle the love triangle. Instead, DeGeneres prompted Aniston to react on rumors that they were “more than just friends.”

DeGeneres and Aniston knew that their close bond made many believed that the latter was gay. There was a time when they spent time with the same circle of friends and enjoyed the same music.

Aniston admitted she was aware of the speculations that she was gay by saying that she’s team Ellen.

“The Indigo Girls, Melissa Etheridge, k.d. lang, my best friend Dre was with me always. And I do think there was a moment where people might have not known if I was possibly on your team or not,” Aniston said per Inquisitr.

Aniston turned to Ellen and asked how “you guys” know if someone is gay. The daytime talk show host couldn’t stop laughing at Aniston’s question.

Portia de Rossi’s wife theorized that many had “crushes” on Aniston and were hoping that she was gay, too.

How did Aniston’s gay rumors start?

The speculations that Jennifer Aniston was gay started on a scene from Friends. In one episode, she kissed Winona Ryder as Rachel.

Following the said episode, there were rumors that Aniston could be gay. It was just part of her comedy show.

Aniston and Ellen kissed

Jennifer Aniston and Ellen DeGeneres have been friends for decades. In one episode, Aniston and DeGeneres took their closeness to the next level by sharing a kiss on the show.

In October 2019, the Murder Mystery star appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres Show. DeGeneres asked Aniston about kissing girls, and the latter said she had not kissed one. The host motioned Aniston for a kiss, and they smooched.

The two ended up laughing after sharing the kiss. The two were only joking when they did it.

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