Jennifer Aniston going crazy amid the pandemic, wants to go on a vacation: Rumor

Jennifer Aniston going crazy amid the pandemic, wants to go on a vacation: Rumor

Jennifer Aniston has, allegedly, been going crazy after months of being holed up at home due to the coronavirus pandemic.

As such, National Enquirer claimed that Jennifer Aniston is desperate to go on a five-star vacation with her friends.

“Jen has a serious case of cabin fever and is looking to spread her wings and get out of town. Even being back at work on The Morning Show hasn’t made her feel any less cooped up. There’s no socializing, everyone is told to keep a distance. And while she understands why, it’s made for some lonely hours,” the source said.

Jennifer Aniston spent the holidays by herself 

Jennifer Aniston spent the holidays by herself

The source also claimed that Aniston spent the holidays all by herself because of the pandemic.

And the Friends star wasn’t even able to reunite with her dad, John Aniston at her Beverly Hills mansion.

“She’s desperate for time off and she wants to spend it on a luxury vacation around other people. Her plan is to carve out time around her birthday in February to go to Greece or Mexico. Either way, she’s dying to get out of town. Even though she lives in a mansion that anyone else would consider a paradise,” the source said.

This isn’t the first time that Jennifer Aniston is rumored to be going on a vacation.

Jennifer Aniston reunited with Brad Pitt at Turks and Caicos

Last week, New Idea claimed that she and Brad Pitt spent the New Year at Turks and Caicos with Red Hot Chilli Peppers member, Flea and his wife.

While there, Pitt, allegedly, proposed to Aniston. But the rumored couple is keeping their relationship under wraps because they want to enjoy their privacy for as long as possible.

A source told the tabloid that Pitt and Aniston had a blast during their island getaway.

Brad Pitt enjoyed his ex-wife’s company?

And the Once Upon A Time In Hollywood star was especially thrilled because Aniston did some activities with him.

“Brad’s glad Jen’s back on the scene to join him in his favorite pastime. Angelina also never wanted to hang out with Flea – she thought he was a weirdo. But Jen loves him and his new wife, Melody,” the source said.

However, the only problem with the tabloid’s claim is that Jennifer Aniston and Pitt didn’t celebrate New Year’s Day together.

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