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Jennifer Aniston had lip fillers and facial procedures done before Emmys: Rumor


Jennifer Aniston recently sparked rumors that she may have undergone some facial procedures ahead of the Emmys.

After briefly hosting the awards show with Jimmy Kimmel, Jennifer Aniston rushed home to watch the Emmys. The actress was accompanied by her Friends co-stars, Courteney Cox and Lisa Kudrow at her home.

Jennifer Aniston lip fillers, cosmetic procedure rumors

Eagle-eyed fans couldn’t help but notice the changes in Aniston’s appearance. And a source told New Idea that the actress may have had something done to her face.

“Word on the street is she’s had a little touch-up with fillers. Her cheeks and lips looked very nicely plump. If she did have help, I want the name of her surgeon because Jen looks amazing on-screen and in-person which is hard to achieve. Usually, when you have work done to look good on screen, you can look kind of frozen in person,” the source said.

As of late, Aniston hasn’t confirmed or denied the rumors that she had some procedures done to her face ahead of the Emmys. But this isn’t the first time that she sparked speculations about plastic surgery.

Jennifer Aniston stressed over not getting her facial procedures

In June, Heat claimed that Aniston was panicking because she couldn’t get her usual procedures done to her face due to the coronavirus pandemic.

“Jen has always prided herself on her ‘little and often’ approach, so having this huge pause in her maintenance program has been tough for her. Ordinarily, she’ll have peels and non-invasive facials every month, and her hair and makeup are always professionally done. But, like the rest of the world, all that’s had to be put on hold,” a source said.

The insider also said that Jennifer Aniston is aware that aging in Hollywood has its downsides.

“And it’s hard to keep that optimism up when she can’t look her usual glamorous self. She’s by no means a surgery nut, but she’s been getting tune-up and light treatments for years,” the source said.

‘Friends’ star spending millions for her makeover

New Idea also previously claimed that Aniston spent $1 million on her body after she reunited with Brad Pitt. Heat also claimed that The Morning Show actress went on a surgery spree ahead of her 50th birthday.

OK! magazine also claimed that Aniston was getting a revenge makeover after her split from Justin Theroux. However, none of these claims are true.

Jennifer Aniston didn’t spend as much as $1 million on a surgery spree and a so-called revenge makeover for Theroux.

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