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Jennifer Aniston having a breakdown, experiencing a midlife crisis: rumors


Jennifer Aniston is allegedly suffering a breakdown and is facing a midlife crisis, according to several reports.

Jennifer Aniston is one of the most successful and beautiful faces in Hollywood. However, according to several outlets, she is going through a rough patch right now.

Jennifer Aniston heading for a breakdown rumor

Star claimed that Jennifer Aniston was suffering a breakdown. She was allegedly pushing herself to the brink for The Morning Show.

Moreover, she was “throwing herself headfirst into this project, and it’s taking a serious toll. People are concerned that she’s pushing herself way too hard,” an insider said.

Jen allegedly going through a midlife crisis

Aside from an alleged breakdown, another outlet, NW, claimed that Jennifer Aniston was falling apart due to a midlife crisis. The Murder Mystery star was stressed about the upcoming Friends reunion and was getting loads of plastic surgery, according to the report.

Aniston was conscious of the high-definition TV, which is allegedly a “whole new thing for her.” She was also pressured to always looking her best and putting on a brave face. All those stuff have been too much for her. She was also working for long hours that have taken years off her life, the report added.

Brad Pitt’s ex to quit acting, working too hard

OK! claimed that Jennifer Aniston was working too hard. She was juggling the second season of The Morning Show with Friends reunion.

Meanwhile, New Idea claimed that Brad Pitt’s ex-wife was already fed-up with show business and was considering quitting. It quoted Aniston saying it “sucked the life out of me,” referring to an unnamed movie she worked on. “I’ll never do it again.”

Rumors debunked

All of those claims about Jennifer Aniston are not true. Gossip Cop looked closely at those reports and found out that they had no merit.

First, Aniston didn’t have a breakdown. Her rep confirmed that she was happy and healthy.

Second, the claim that she was too weak to handle pressure was false. The story came out before she turned 50 years old, and the We’re the Millers actress said that she was feeling “physically incredible” at the time.

Third, it was not true that she was working too hard that she got her friends worried. The 51-year-old star has always been busy. Also, her spokesperson told Gossip Cop that she was looking forward to working back again when it is safe to do.

As for the claim that she was quitting acting, the quotes were legitimate. However, she has no plans to stop acting.

Apparently, all the claims about Aniston’s breakdown and midlife crisis were false. Moreover, the reports about her working too hard and quitting acting are not true.

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