Jennifer Aniston insecure about her thin lips, gets multiple rounds of collagen: Rumor

Jennifer Aniston insecure about her thin lips, gets multiple rounds of collagen: Rumor

Jennifer Aniston is, allegedly, very insecure about her lips so she has been getting several rounds of collagen treatment.

But according to Globe, Jennifer Aniston has seemingly gone too far with the lip treatment.

Jennifer Aniston friends worried about the actress

The source claimed that the friends of the actress are worried that Aniston is throwing her natural looks goodbye by underdoing several treatments.

“She prided herself on growing old gracefully and getting just the right amount of surgery here and there, but it’s starting to look a little obvious now. Jen feels she has to fill up in the lip area every few weeks to perfect her pout and add more definition – but she’s lost the cute cupid’s bow that used to be there,” the source said.

Jennifer Aniston doesn't want to age 

Jennifer Aniston doesn’t want to age

The insider claimed that Aniston is most concerned about her aging face and not so much her body because she works out and eats healthy.

“Above the neck is where Jen really panics about aging – just like her old friend Meg did. She’s been getting her forehead Botoxed for years, but treated every other line so she could make her famous quizzical expression. But she’s starting to feel it looks too ropey up there and wants more Botox,” the source said.

The actress’s surgery spree rumors

The tabloid also quoted a certain cosmetic surgeon named Dr. Anthony Youn, who said that Jennifer Aniston looks good. But it’s also very easy to tell that the actress has had filler in her cheeks and lips.

“The worry with Jen is she seems set on more and more fillers – and that could play havoc with her wholesome good looks,” the source said.

Rumors debunked

Rumors about Aniston going under the knife to look younger have been rife for months. Last month, New Idea claimed that the actress had something done to her face just before the Emmys.

“Word on the street is she’s had a little touch-up with fillers. Her cheeks and lips looked very nicely plump. If she did have help, I want the name of her surgeon because Jen looks amazing on-screen and in-person which is hard to achieve. Usually, when you have work done to look good on screen, you can look kind of frozen in person,” the source said.

However, all the plastic surgery rumors are just based on speculation. Jennifer Aniston previously responded to the claims by saying that she’s not had surgery. She also said that she’s happy with what God gave her.

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