Jennifer Aniston, Jimmy Kimmel friendship: What you need to know about them?

Jennifer Aniston, Jimmy Kimmel friendship: What you need to know about them?

Jennifer Aniston and Jimmy Kimmel are good friends, but their closeness sparks various rumors that are not true.

Jennifer Aniston and her bubbly attitude has gained her longtime friends in Hollywood. Even if her ex-husband Brad Pitt is good friends with her. The same can be said about Jimmy Kimmel and Aniston.

But some started various speculations about them due to their friendship. Here are the false rumors about Aniston and Kimmel.

Jennifer Aniston allegedly furious at Jimmy for taking Justin’s side in the divorce

Jennifer Aniston was furious at Jimmy Kimmel because he sided with her ex-husband Justin Theroux during their divorce, according to In Touch Weekly. But Gossip Cop learned that the report was fabricated.

Aniston and Theroux broke up amicably. Kimmel doesn’t have to choose which side between the two after they split. In fact, Aniston celebrated Thanksgiving with both of them at her house.

Jen did not cause any issues between Jimmy and his wife

Another outlet claimed that their friendship didn’t sit well with his wife, Molly McNearney. Woman’s Day claimed that she wasn’t happy with their closeness and even allegedly accused the Friends alum of “hijacking” her husband.

It also quoted an unnamed source saying Molly was sick of hanging out with the 2020 Emmy nominee. She was also not comfortable with Jimmy hanging out with Aniston, the insider added.

However, the claim was not true. Aniston and Molly are also good friends. In fact, both of them were among the passengers on the plane when it had to make an emergency landing during Aniston’s birthday trip. Aniston is not just close to Kimmel; she is as close to his wife, too. So, the rumors claiming that Jimmy’s wife is jealous of Aniston is not true.

Aniston upset with Jimmy’s friendship with the Kardashians

Radar Online published a report claiming that Jennifer Aniston wasn’t happy that Jimmy Kimmel is a friend with the Kardashians. The speculations that The Morning Show star was making a fuss about his friendship with the Keeping Up With the Kardashians‘ star was very unlikely.

Gossip Cop spoke to a source close to Kimmel, who denied the report. The source said Kimmel wasn’t suddenly best buds with the reality stars.

Brad Pitt’s ex-wife controlling host’s social circle

Another tabloid also claimed that Brad Pitt’s ex-wife was very involved with The Jimmy Kimmel Live! host’s social circle. But Gossip Cop found those claims too ridiculous.

Jennifer Aniston and Jimmy Kimmel are good friends, and they have no issues against each other. The reports claiming that they are feuding are inaccurate.


Image used courtesy of Jimmy Kimmel Live/YouTube Screenshot

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