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Jennifer Aniston likes Robert Pattinson posts on Instagram


Jennifer Aniston has been liking posts about Robert Pattinson on Instagram.

Jennifer Aniston has a massive following on Instagram, and a Twitter user noticed that she has been liking posts featuring the Twilight actor. Aniston’s reaction to the posts about Robert Pattinson received mixed reactions from the netizens.

Jennifer Aniston likes posts about Robert Pattinson

Jennifer Aniston seems interested in Robert Pattinson, or maybe she simply likes his acting because she has been liking posts about the actor. A Twitter user shared snaps featuring Pattinson with Aniston liking it.

“jennifer aniston is really out there liking instagram post about robert pattinson, love it,” the netizen wrote on Twitter.

“She would be a pretty great choice for vicki vale if you ask me…” one commented.

“True dat,” another agreed.

Pattinson is set to star in the next Batman movie. Vicki Vale is a journalist based in Gotham City. She is frequently depicted as Bruce Wayne a.k.a Batman’s love interest.

“Any woman would go for this man. He is temptation walking on two legs,” another added.

Aniston’s social media activities

Jennifer Aniston joined Instagram back in October and broke Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s record in making millions of followers in less than an hour. At present, she already has 35.3 million followers.

Aniston liking Robert Pattinson’s photos may not be a big deal. A few months ago, she also commented on her ex-boyfriend John Mayer’s Instagram Live.

Aniston’s move sent fans into a frenzy because of their history. However, the move was also not a huge surprise. The Friends alum has remained amicable with her exes, including Brad Pitt and Justin Theroux.

“Jen and John have a nice friendship. John has a deep admiration and respect for Jen,” a source told Us Weekly.

“Whenever they talk or are out together it’s always friendly and nice. There is definitely no weirdness between them.”

Ben Affleck on Robert Pattinson as the next Batman

Meanwhile, Ben Affleck, who starred in previous Batman movies, commented on Robert Pattinson’s casting as the next Caped Crusader.

Jennifer Garner’s ex was confident with Pattinson playing the superhero character. Affleck also commented on Pattinson’s casting when he promoted his movie The Way Back.

“I think Robert’s a great actor, he is going to do great. The movie deserves to be made by someone whose dying to do it and cannot wait, and that was not me at the time, so I moved on,” Affleck explained.

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