Jennifer Aniston looked ‘awkward’ during Brad Pitt’s ‘Fast Times’ reunion, Twitter says

Jennifer Aniston looked 'awkward' during Brad Pitt's 'Fast Times' reunion, Twitter says

Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt’s reunion for Fast Times at Ridgemont High table read received mixed reactions from Twitter users.

Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt remain good friends 15 years after they divorced. Several still want them together despite rumors he cheated on her. While many were very happy to see them together virtually, others felt that Aniston didn’t enjoy the scene.

Jennifer Aniston allegedly didn’t enjoy Brad Pitt scene

Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt had a playful exchange in the Fast Times at Ridgemont High live virtual table read. The exes played the part of Brad Hamilton and Linda Barrett.

Hamilton (Pitt) has a crush on Linda (Aniston), and in their scene, he is imagining her seducing him.

While some were very happy seeing Pitt and Aniston, others felt that it was awkward on the Friends alum’s part.

“It doesn’t look like Jen enjoyed this at all,” @DDavis2 wrote.

“I didn’t watch the whole re-enactment just this clip. It just seems like the content made her uncomfortable. I barely remember the actual movie and I’m certain she knew what she was getting into. It just seemed awkward,” the same netizen added.

Another user agreed and noticed that Aniston wasn’t her usual self. She agreed that it must have very awkward for Aniston to know that the people are watching them. In fact, their co-stars Jimmy Kimmel and Julia Roberts, were laughing with the others.

A different user also didn’t understand why the people found Pitt and Aniston’s reunion cute. For her, Aniston looked like she was wondering if she needed to read those lines.

Aniston was so cool

While others felt that the scene was awkward, many felt that Jennifer Aniston played so cool the entire time. In fact, several Twitter users praised her for acting the way she did considering her past with Brad Pitt.

When Pitt greeted the cast, he specifically named his ex, saying, “Hey, Aniston, what’s up.” She replied without second thoughts saying, “Hey, Pitt!” Due to Aniston’s cool gestures, one said she will forever be the “cool girl.”

“I still don’t get how Jennifer Aniston is so cool with Brad, the [explicit] literally cheated on you and then married the person he was sleeping around with,” another commented.

The same netizen said Aniston is too forgiving because she still talks to Pitt after what he did to her.

Other netizens’ reactions

Meanwhile, those who are familiar with Fast Times at Ridgemont High found the whole thing hilarious because they already saw the scene on TV.

Also, they found Jimmy Kimmel and Julia Roberts cracking up hilarious. Many were also very entertained with Morgan Freeman’s narration.


The Fast Times virtual table read drew four million viewers and raised $135,000. The donations are going to CORE (Community Organized Relief Effort) for relief in response to COVID-19. It was founded by Sean Penn in 2010, Deadline reported.


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