Jennifer Aniston looks better than Angelina Jolie after Brad Pitt divorce

Jennifer Aniston looks better than Angelina Jolie after Brad Pitt divorce

Jennifer Aniston, reportedly, looks much better than Angelina Jolie after they divorced Brad Pitt.

Author Ian Halperin wrote a book on Jennifer Aniston, titled Friends With Benefits. In the book, Halperin, reportedly, spoke with one insider that compared Aniston and Jolie from each other.

“Who would have thought that Jen would have ever looked better than Angelina Jolie? That shows you in life it’s not how you start; it’s how you finish. I’m so happy for her,” the source said.

Jennifer Aniston glowing and happy in her 50s

Daily Mail revealed that Halperin spoke with at least 350 individuals that know Aniston personally. And most of them said that The Morning Show actress looks happier than ever.

When the Friends star turned 50 last year, Aniston, reportedly, stopped seeking happiness. Rather, the actress started seeking for her well-being.

“And clearly she’s accomplished that. She’s really grown as a person over the past few years. She lights up the room wherever she goes. She is a true Hollywood icon. I don’t think there’s been an actress who looked better than Jen at 50,” one of Halperin’s sources said.

Did Jennifer Aniston have the last laugh? 

Did Jennifer Aniston have the last laugh at Angelina Jolie?

According to Radar Online, Jennifer Aniston also had the last laugh at Jolie even though the latter seemingly stole Brad Pitt from her.

Earlier this year, the tabloid claimed that Aniston took a swipe at Jolie by showing her that Pitt is so much happier that they got back together.

“She’s bragging that Brad is so much happier now he’s away from Angie’s miserable clutches and how she – Jen – was the one who encouraged him to break free in the first place,” a source told the tabloid.

Brad Pitt reunites with his ex-wife

Pitt and Aniston reunited at the SAG Awards earlier this year. And onlookers noticed how happy Aniston was during their reunion. The insider said that Aniston was floating on Cloud 9. And the actress couldn’t stop herself from cracking jokes with reporters.

Life & Style did not waste any time to concoct an even bigger story about Aniston and Pitt other than an innocent reunion.

Brad, Jennifer wedding rumors

The tabloid claimed that the exes have decided to tie the knot again. And an insider said that they have already started sending out save the date cards.

According to the source, Aniston and Pitt’s second wedding will take place in June. And as early as January, the actress has already, allegedly, found her wedding dress.

However, one should take the claims made by the tabloid with a grain of salt. There’s no reason for Jennifer Aniston to taunt Jolie because the former didn’t get back together with Pitt.

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