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Jennifer Aniston, Matthew Perry’s Windows 95 Guide video resurfaces for 25th anniversary


Jennifer Aniston and Matthew Perry once paired together for the Windows 95’s Guide Video and Twitter users, revisited it for its 25th anniversary.

Jennifer Aniston and Matthew Perry are popular for starring on NBC’s hit sitcom Friends that ran for ten years. But aside from that, the pair were featured for Windows 95’s Guide Video together.

Jennifer Aniston and Matthew Perry joined forces for Windows 95

Jennifer Aniston and Matthew Perry were featured in Windows 95’s Guide Video as Chandler and Rachel. Their video has resurfaced as the people celebrate Windows 95’s 25th anniversary.

Several Twitter users who have been waiting for the Friends reunion special are happy to see the two together because it brings them back the memories in the 1900s. At the time, Aniston and Perry’s sitcom was also a hit.

“Ha. No. I do have the video tape instructional video Jennifer Aniston and Matthew Perry made,” one wrote.

“Windows 95 was released 25 years ago… and, this is painful to watch 😉 Microsoft Windows 95 video Guide with Jennifer Aniston and Matthew Perry,” another added.

“The Jennifer Aniston/Matthew Perry instructional VHS is still the best thing to come out of Windows 95,” David Pedroza wrote.

“another cool tidbit, before starring on the Friends movie, Jennifer Aniston and Matthew Perry worked on microsoft doing QA,” @kiwapebretech shared.

Aniston and Perry are popular for Friends. Aniston played as Rachel in the series while Perry was Chandler. They were also joined by Courteney Cox (Monica), Lisa Kudrow (Phoebe), Matt LeBlanc (Joey) and David Schwimmer (Ross).

Jennifer speaks about friendship with Friends co-stars

Just recently, Jennifer Aniston was spotted enjoying a pool game with her other Friends co-star Courteney Cox. Brad Pitt’s ex-wife confessed that the six main casts of the sitcom had maintained their close bond 16 years after the series wrapped up.

“We’re lucky to actually love each other. We’re really fortunate that there’s not a bad seed in the bunch and yes, we were all really friends and cared about each other and had each other’s backs,” Aniston told Grazia about her Friends co-stars.

“We went through some really challenging times personally and were there for each other,” she added.”

Aniston said it was nice to have five people who can understand what she was going through. However, they do not meet each other regularly, but the three girls do. Sometimes, they see Matty and Matt, but Schwimmer was out in New York, so they rarely see him.

“I know we’ll always have a special place in each-others’ hearts for one another,” she said about their bond.

“If we all got in a room together we’d pick up right where we left off,” she added.

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