Jennifer Aniston offering Matthew Perry help while actor is ‘hiding in shame’: Rumor

Jennifer Aniston offering Matthew Perry help while actor is 'hiding in shame': Rumor

Jennifer Aniston, allegedly, wants nothing more than to see her co-star, Matthew Perry bounce back from his heartache.

According to Us Weekly, Jennifer Aniston is doing anything that she can to help her Friends co-star.

“Jen has been in regular touch with Matthew. Everyone knows he’s had a rough time lately, and Jen’s offered to help in any way she can while also urging him to look after himself,” the source said.

Jennifer Aniston confident that Matthew Perry would bounce back

The insider also said that Aniston feels optimistic that Perry would be able to bounce back soon. After all, Perry is, reportedly, one of the most self-driven and focused people that the actress has ever met.

And the Friends co-star couldn’t also wait to work together in the upcoming reunion special.

“They were bummed about having to postpone it. But the good news is that it’ll happen eventually. And they’re planning a big bash with the whole Central Perk crew to celebrate once the world gets back to normal,” the source said.

Matthew Perry still reeling from his split 

Another source claimed to know what’s really been going on in Perry’s life. While speaking with National Enquirer, the insider claimed that Perry is still struggling after his split from Molly Hurwitz.

“Matthew’s been in a spiral since getting the heave-ho from Molly. He’s living in a secluded spot near the ocean, but he rarely leaves the house and prefers being left alone to eat away his sorrows,” the source said.

Perry, reportedly, put his Los Angeles home on the market before moving to the Pacific Palisades. While there, the actor has, allegedly, been eating nonstop.

But the insider also said that the actor is committed to staying sober even though he’s still heartbroken over the split. And he’s also, allegedly, hoping to relaunch his career to bring back the confidence that he’s lost.

“Matthew is a private guy who handles setbacks his own way. But it’s one day at a time and people are worried he could slip again,” the source said.

Jennifer Aniston, Matthew Perry reunion

However, one should take the claims made by the tabloids with a grain of salt. While it is possible that Aniston is regularly in contact with Perry, this may not be because of the actor’s struggles.

Photos of Perry show that he has certainly packed on some pounds. But this doesn’t automatically mean that he’s struggling in any way.

Jennifer Aniston and Perry have been friends for decades. And they will soon work together in the Friends reunion special.

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