Jennifer Aniston predicted to win best actress in a drama at the Emmys

Jennifer Aniston was recently nominated for an Emmy award, and there are predictions that she could be the trophy home.

Gold Derby recently ranked Jennifer Aniston as a frontrunner to win the best actress in a drama at the Emmy Awards on Sunday. The Friends star earned a nomination for her portrayal of Alex Levy in The Morning Show.

Jennifer Aniston frontrunner at the Emmys

Gold Derby founder Tom O’Neill told The Post that Aniston shouldn’t be underestimated.

“Don’t underestimate Aniston just because many prognosticators pick Laura Linney or Olivia Coleman to win. Don’t forget that Aniston won the SAG Award earlier this year and that has virtually the same voting system as the Emmys – only actors voting for actors,” he said.

“Aniston is having a triumphant career comeback that’s especially alluring to TV industry insiders. She portrays a reigning TV celebrity struggling to survive a crumbling, cruel world around her — the threat of younger, rising stars and her shock to discover the awful secrets and betrayals of the old regime,” he added.

Jennifer Aniston movies, shows 

Jennifer Aniston movies, shows

According to The Post, Aniston has long been proving herself as an actress. However, the masses just seeming slept on her talents. Before she starred in Friends, Jennifer Aniston made her Broadway debut in For Dear Life at 19.

Shortly after, she joined Hollywood and got cast in a slew of sitcoms. In 1992, she joined the cast of The Edge. A year later, she starred in Leprechaun.

Aniston’s director predicted she’ll be huge in Hollywood

She also starred in The Object of My Affection in 1998. While the movie wasn’t exactly a huge hit, director Nicholas Hytner predicted that Aniston was destined for greatness.

“Her first instinct may be to put a very skilled, polished, funny twist on a line. And believe me, she can make anything funny. But she can equally, after a moment’s thought, find a much more interesting, more truthful, much more touching way of playing a scene … when she spends more of her time with material that requires her to exercise other muscles, her really considerable gift as an actress will be more widely recognized,” he told Vanity Fair.

Aniston’s Emmy appearance is also making headlines amid claims that she and Brad Pitt could reunite again. While the event will take place virtually, Aniston and Pitt’s fans already know how their possible reunion will be like on camera.

After all, Jennifer Aniston and Pitt just joined the table read for Fast Times at Ridgemont High.

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