Jennifer Aniston prepared to raise Brad’s baby alone amid cheating fears?

Jennifer Aniston prepared to raise Brad's baby alone amid cheating fears?

Jennifer Aniston is, allegedly, preparing to raise her and Brad Pitt’s baby alone amid fears that he could be cheating on her.

In 2018, New Idea published a dubious story about Jennifer Aniston and Pitt claiming that they are expecting a child together. The publication also said that the A-listers got back together shortly after Aniston and Justin Theroux divorced.

Brad Pitt, Neri Oxman’s alleged relationship

Everything was going well for Aniston and Pitt at the start of their baby-making process. But an unnamed source claimed that the actress suddenly had fears due to Pitt’s relationship with Neri Oxman.

The insider claimed that Pitt and Oxman’s budding relationship has left Aniston feeling insecure and concerned about where she stands in her ex-husband’s life.

“While Jen is hopeful that she and Brad will work things out, she’s also preparing herself for the fact that she may have to raise this baby alone. She has always said that she would be happy to be a single mother if that’s how everything worked out,” the unnamed source said, as per New Idea.

Brad Pitt, Neri Oxman's alleged relationship

Jennifer Aniston allegedly keen on raising a baby with Brad Pitt

But the unnamed source also claimed that Aniston psyched herself not to worry too much about Pitt’s relationship with other women. After all, The Morning Show is, allegedly, aware that this could be her last chance to get pregnant.

“This could be a dream come true for her, and she’s not going to let troubles with Brad ruin it. If she winds up alone, that’s absolutely fine with her. All she wants is a baby,” the source said.

Two years have passed since the questionable story was published and it’s proven to be incorrect. Aniston and Pitt never expected a baby together in 2018. And if they did, one couldn’t help but wonder where the exes’ baby is.

Jennifer Aniston denies claims she never wanted to have a baby

Rumors about Aniston getting pregnant or even giving birth have been rife for years. There was also a time when several publications said that her marriages didn’t work out because she didn’t want to have kids.

During her interview with Allure, Aniston said that this was never the case.

“This continually is said about me: that I was so career-driven and focused on myself; that I don’t want to be a mother and how selfish that is. No, even saying it gets me a little tight in my throat,” Jennifer Aniston said.

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