Jennifer Aniston preparing glowing affidavit after being named character witness for Brad Pitt: Rumor

Jennifer Aniston preparing glowing affidavit after being named character witness for Brad Pitt: Rumor

Brad Pitt, allegedly, requested Jennifer Aniston to a character witness for him in his ongoing custody battle against Angelina Jolie.

According to Woman’s Day, Pitt is so upset with Jolie’s request to have Judge John W. Ouderkirk removed from their case. As such, he decided to take a swing at Jolie by dragging Jennifer Aniston in their battle.

“Brad asked her [Jennifer] to be a character witness for him, and she was only too happy to agree. She pledged to write him a glowing affidavit and even take the stand if need be,” the source said.

Jennifer Aniston hates how Angelina Jolie is tearing Brad Pitt down

The insider claimed that Aniston and Pitt became close again in recent months. And their bond strengthened after Jolie seemingly tried to delay their court battle.

“Jen and Brad are close again and she hates watching Angelina tear him down like this when he’s worked so hard to change. She did the same to Jen back when Brad dumped her for Ange, so Jen would be lying if this wasn’t personal for her, either,” the source said.

Brad Pitt, Nicole Poturalski's relationship upsetting Angelina Jolie? 

Brad Pitt, Nicole Poturalski’s relationship upsetting Angelina Jolie?

It is also, allegedly, not a coincidence that Pitt and Aniston agreed to take part in a table read shortly after Jolie’s request. And just days later, Pitt was also photographed with a 27-year-old model, Nicole Poturalski.

“Make no mistake, this is getting even uglier still and it’s shaping up to be the Hollywood divorce trial of the century,” the source said.

Rumors about Jennifer Aniston attending Pitt and Jolie’s upcoming court date as a character witness has been rife in recent weeks.

According to Heat, the Friends star still hasn’t gotten over how Jolie stole Pitt from her years ago. And now is her chance to get her revenge on the Maleficent star.

Jen still feels resentful over how quickly Brad and Angelina got together after their marriage broke down, while Ange is fed up with being made to seem like the bad guy,” the source said.

Back then, Gossip Cop debunked the claims saying that Aniston will not make an appearance in court. She hasn’t also been asked to testify in favor of her ex-husband.

It is unlikely for things to have changed just after a week or two.

Jennifer Aniston won’t appear in court

Last month, sources claimed that Pitt is upset over Jolie’s delaying tactics. But this doesn’t mean that the exes are feuding.

“Brad has done everything asked of him, and then some. And for a while there, it seemed they had come to some sort of peace treaty – until Angelina started playing dirty again last month,” the source said.

However, this claim made by the tabloid is also incorrect. No one knows for sure what Pitt, Jennifer Aniston, and Jolie think. As such, no one knows if it was really Jolie’s intention to play dirty.

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