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Jennifer Aniston ‘really liked’ Gerard Butler, flirting with actor: rumor


Jennifer Aniston is single, but a tabloid claimed that she really likes Gerard Butler and is flirting with the actor behind his girlfriend Morgan Brown’s back.

Jennifer Aniston and Gerard Butler starred in the 2010 movie The Bounty Hunter. According to one tabloid, the two are chatting during the lockdown and have been flirting.

Jennifer Aniston ‘really liked’ Gerard Butler

National Enquirer published an article claiming that the Friends alum is “love-hungry” and has engaged in a “flirt fest” with Gerard Butler.

“Jen’s always really liked him. Lately, they’ve been sharing late-night chats to pass the time during the long and lonely lockdown,” a source told the outlet.

The same outlet added that the former co-stars “flirty friendship” could cause trouble between Butler and his “squeeze” Morgan Brown if the latter finds out.

“It’s been a huge boost to her ego that he still finds her witty and attractive,” the dubious source said before adding, “she doesn’t want to break-up their romance.”

Aniston, Butler, flirting debunked

Gossip Cop debunked the claims that there was something going on between Jennifer Aniston and Gerard Butler. The rumor-debunking site said the story was “completely inaccurate.”

Gossip Cop also reached out to Aniston’s rep, which straightly denied the report and confirmed that it was fabricated.

Also, it wasn’t the first time National Enquirer made a false report about The Morning Show star. A few weeks back, it published another report claiming that Jennifer Aniston was spying on his ex Justin Theroux.

Earlier this year, it also claimed that Aniston and Brad Pitt were “starting over.” The two allegedly rekindled their romance after the Ad Astra actor apologized for leaving her for Angelina Jolie.

All of the reports were not true. Pitt and Aniston are friends, but they are not dating.

Jen allegedly leaked Brad’s confession about Angelina

Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt are still romantically linked to each other following their splits from their spouses. Radar Online claimed that the two are good friends and have turned to each other in times of need.

“Brad’s opened up a lot about his dark days with Angie,” an unnamed source told the outlet.

“And Jen has been quietly sharing those horror stories among friends, whilst using them as a means to drag Angie’s name through the dirt.”

One should take the report with a grain of salt. Pitt doesn’t discuss too much of his personal life with his friends. In fact, George Clooney only found out about his divorce from Angelina Jolie in an interview.

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