Jennifer Aniston refuses to hire Ellen DeGeneres as host of ‘Friends’ reunion: Rumor

Jennifer Aniston refuses to hire Ellen DeGeneres as host of 'Friends' reunion: Rumor

Jennifer Aniston and the other cast members of Friends don’t, allegedly, have any plans to work with Ellen DeGeneres for their upcoming reunion.

Last year, reports swirled that DeGeneres could serve as the host for the reunion special. However, National Enquirer claimed that the cast of the hit sitcom has already decided to not work with the funny woman.

Ellen DeGeneres heartbroken over Jennifer Aniston, producers decision

A source told the tabloid that DeGeneres was crushed following the decision especially since she’s very close to Aniston.

“She has had Jennifer Aniston on the show so many times promoting the idea of a reunion. She feels like it’s a personal betrayal. It was like getting kicked when you’re down,” the source said.

The insider also claimed that DeGeneres feels she’s one of the people that brought the concept of a Friends reunion together. But she’s now being shunned by the cast members and the staff.

'Friends' producers worried that Ellen DeGeneres could affect their ratings 

‘Friends’ producers worried that Ellen DeGeneres could affect their ratings

In their defense, the tabloid claimed that the producers of the reunion are worried about DeGeneres destroying the project for everyone.

“They just believe that a lot of people would be turned off by her being a part of it and not tune in. It’s already showing up in Ellen’s ratings. And it’s just not a good look for these guys to be seen publicly embracing somebody who has been accused of being abusive to her staff,” the source said.

Jennifer Aniston broke the news to her friend

But what, allegedly, made the decision much worse for DeGeneres is the fact that Jennifer Aniston was the one that had to break it to her.

“Jen was by far the closest to Ellen among any of them. So she was the one to deliver the news,” the source said.

Aniston, allegedly, tried her best to tell DeGeneres that the decision was nothing personal. And the former also told the latter about the producers’ fears.

“Ellen understood that Jen and the others had no choice. But it didn’t make it any easier for her to take,” the source said.

Rumors debunked

While it is true that Friends will have a reunion on HBO Max this year, there’s still no word about who will host the one-time event.

As such, this proves that the tabloid’s claims about Jennifer Aniston and DeGeneres are incorrect.

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