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Jennifer Aniston revealed she had a couple of issues with ‘Friends’


Jennifer Aniston almost quit Friends before the show’s final season.

While speaking with NBC, Jennifer Aniston said that she had a couple of issues that she was dealing with while playing the role of Rachel.

“I wanted it to end when people still loved us, and we were on a high,” she said.

Aniston also questioned what more she can do with her character Rachel on the show.

“How many more stories are there to tell for all of us before we’re just not pathetic?” she said.

Jennifer Aniston called being on ‘Friends’ a blessing and a curse

Five years ago, Aniston spoke with Empire magazine about her stint on Friends. The actress said that being on the show was both a blessing and a curse.

“It gave us everything but also gives you more of a challenge, to shape people’s perceptions of you. It’s ‘Matthew (Perry) is Chandler Bing and Jennifer is Rachel Green,’ so it’s hard for people to even believe that we’re playing other people. It’s just taking gentle baby steps and allowing your fans to grow with you,” she said.

Jennifer Aniston said that her fans don’t know who she is

During the same interview, Aniston reacted to claims that her fans think they know her because they always see her in Friends. Since the TV series is mostly set in the living room, this, reportedly, gave audiences the impression that they know what it’s like to hang out with the actress.

However, Jennifer Aniston said that this wasn’t entirely the case. She said that her fans only know a percentage of who is based on what they see on television.

“But if anything, there’s a huge percentage of things that are incorrect that people think they know about me now. It almost seems like a waste – it’s like shadow boxing trying to understand why people think certain things about me that don’t even know me. It’s bizarre,” she said.

The actress couldn’t escape her character as Rachel Green

The Morning Show actress once again talked about her time on Friends. She said that it got to a point where she became frustrated because she couldn’t escape her character as Rachel.

“I could not escape ‘Rachel from Friends,’ and it’s on all the time now and you’re like, ‘Stop playing the [expletive] show,’” she told The Hollywood Reporter.

Jennifer Aniston will reunite with her Friends co-stars soon. Matthew Perry, Matt LeBlanc, Lisa Kudrow, Courteney Cox, and David Schwimmer will appear in the special reunion episode for Friends.

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