Jennifer Aniston runs errands in Beverly Hills for the first time in 8 months

Jennifer Aniston runs errands in Beverly Hills for the first time in 8 months

Jennifer Aniston was seen running errands in Beverly Hills for the first time in eight months since the lockdown.

For the rare outing, Jennifer Aniston kept her hair in a tight bun. She also wore a face mask and scarf, which she paired with her grey jogger pants and sweater.

Aniston also wore white slip-on shoes for the outing. And she walked closely beside her bodyguard and some friends.

Jennifer Aniston holed up in her mansion

According to Daily Mail, Aniston has been staying in her $21 million home in the exclusive Bel-Air neighborhood since the coronavirus pandemic. And one of the rare times she went out of her house was to attend the Emmys.

When Aniston joined the table read for Fast Times at Ridgemont High, she stayed at the comfort of her lavish home.

Jennifer Aniston social media updates 

Jennifer Aniston social media updates

But fans of Aniston still managed to get updates about the actress via her social media. There was a time when the Friends star revealed that she and Courteney Cox hung out together.

Cox and Lisa Kudrow also joined Aniston during the virtual Emmy awards a few weeks ago.

And just recently, the actress shared with her millions of social media followers that she adopted an adorable puppy named Lord Chesterfield.

“Hi! I’d like to introduce to you the newest member of our family… this is (a very tired) Lord Chesterfield. He stole my heart immediately,” Aniston wrote alongside an adorable video of her puppy sleeping with a bone in his mouth.

The actress almost quit acting

Aniston also appeared in several interviews during the lockdown while quarantining at home. While speaking with the Smartless podcast, Jennifer Aniston said that she almost quit acting before landing a role in The Morning Show.

The actress said that she was so disappointed with one of the projects that she starred in that she wondered if she was in the right industry.

But before Aniston could formally quit the business, she was offered a role in The Morning Show. And the series inspired the actress to continue what she’s doing.

Aniston also made headlines recently amid reports that she convinced the producers of Days of Lives to move the production of the soap opera to her dad John Aniston’s neighborhood.

After all, Jennifer Aniston was, allegedly, worried and concerned for her dad, who’s already 87 years old.

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