Jennifer Aniston secretly engaged to Brad Pitt: Rumor

Jennifer Aniston secretly engaged to Brad Pitt: Rumor

Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt have, allegedly, gotten engaged again.

According to Woman’s Day, Pitt proposed to Aniston recently. But the rumored couple has yet to confirm their engagement to their family and friends.

Did Brad Pitt give Jennifer Aniston a gold engagement ring?

But a source claimed that Jennifer Aniston and Pitt have been dropping hints about their recent engagement.

For instance, Aniston recently sported a gold ring in her Thanksgiving photo with Lord Chesterfield. And according to the tabloid, the ring was a gift from Pitt.

Did Brad Pitt give Jennifer Aniston a gold engagement ring? 

Brad and Jen engagement rumors surface

Even though the A-listers’ engagement only took place recently, according to the tabloid, Pitt and Aniston have, allegedly, been planning to settle down as far back as 2017.

“They were all set to jump headfirst back into a romantic relationship when they first began hanging out again. But after careful consideration, they decided to take their time. Jen’s major concern was that Brad still had his divorce looming over his head,” the source said.

But now that there are predictions that Pitt will be granted joint custody of his kids, he and Aniston can finally breathe a sigh of relief.

“Once that chapter of his life is finally closed, Jen and Brad will want to sing their love from the rooftops. She hasn’t been shy about letting the world know they’re back on and even shared a pic of him hanging out on set with him – or at least, everyone thinks it’s him, but she did cover his face. She’s definitely enjoying the cloak and dagger,” the source said.

Jennifer Aniston, Brad Pitt’s big Christmas announcement

Jennifer Aniston, allegedly, loves the mystery surrounding her relationship with Pitt because she knows it won’t be a secret for very long.

And she has even, allegedly, hinted to her friends that she will be making a huge announcement on Christmas Day.

“People are acting like they don’t know what she’s talking about because it’s so cute to see her so happy, but not even a Las Vegas high roller would bet on it being anything other than an engagement announcement, given she’s been flashing that gold ring publicly,” the source said.

However, Aniston and Pitt are not engaged. And the exes have not even gotten back together.

The tabloid is evidently just concocting lies about the A-listers as part of their bait and switch tactics.

If Jennifer Aniston and Pitt are back together, their relationship would’ve already been discussed by more reputable sources.

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