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Jennifer Aniston secretly hung out with John Mayer before pandemic: Rumor


Jennifer Aniston and John Mayer, allegedly, hung out in secret right before the coronavirus pandemic hit.

According to Woman’s Day, the exes have been spotted drinking at Sunset Tower, which one of Jennifer Aniston and Mayer’s favorite meeting places.

“John used to live there on and off before he bought a house in LA – not too far from hers. They’ve always been friendly exes, and you could tell there was still chemistry between them,” the source said.

Did John Mayer pose with Jennifer Aniston’s dog?

Speculations that Aniston and Mayer are hanging out spiked last month after the latter posed with a dog in one of his social media photos. Eagle-eyed fans noticed that the dog in the snap looks like Aniston’s pooch, Lord Chesterfield.

Now, the tabloid’s source is adding fuel to the fire by saying that Aniston and Mayer never really closed their doors for each other. In fact, after their split, the singer said that the only problem in their relationship was their age difference.

Jennifer Aniston, John Mayer giving love another try

Now that Mayer is already 43 and Aniston is in her 50s, the tabloid is insisting that there’s hope for them to reconcile.

“She always said one day he might be right for her. And she hinted if they were both single when he’d done some growing up, there might be another chance for them. He didn’t take that very well for quite some time, but 10 years later, John’s a changed man,” the source said.

The actress doesn’t want to get hurt again

However, Aniston and Mayer aren’t, allegedly, in a rush to seal the deal. Instead, they want to focus on their friendship first and see where it leads them. After all, the Friends star no longer wants to get her heartbroken.

“They’re hanging out at each other’s homes, where he plays music for her on his acoustic guitar, which she has always found hard to resist,” the source said.

However, one should take the tabloid’s claims with a grain of salt. Jennifer Aniston and Mayer aren’t dating. And no one knows for sure if they’ve been hanging out in private because there are no photos of them together.

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