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Jennifer Aniston shares Brad’s horror stories about Angelina with friends?


Jennifer Aniston, allegedly, reignited her feud with Angelina Jolie earlier this year.

Shortly after she reunited with Brad Pitt at the awards show, Jennifer Aniston, allegedly, taunted Jolie with her and Pitt’s magical connection.

“She’s bragging that Brad is so much happier now he’s away from Angie’s miserable clutches and how she – Jen – was the one who encouraged him to break in the first place,” an unnamed source told Radar Online.

Brad Pitt shares his struggles with Angelina with Jennifer Aniston?

The insider also claimed that Pitt opened up about his struggles with Jolie when he spoke with Aniston. And the Friends star has been leaking the private stories of Pitt to her friends and using them as a means to drag Jolie’s name through the dirt.

Aniston is, allegedly, having a blast trying to destroy Jolie while’s she’s rejoicing after reuniting with Pitt.

“She’s let it get back to Angie that she feels vindicated and totally victorious in their personal dual. And the fact most of Hollywood is on her side is the icing on the cake,” the source said.

Jennifer Aniston, Angelina Jolie are not feuding

However, six months have passed, and Aniston and Jolie’s feud was never reignited. Even though Aniston and Pitt reunited at the SAG Awards, their meet-up didn’t blossom into anything more than a friendship.

The Morning Show actress isn’t also one to reignited her feud with Jolie. Aniston didn’t think that they were ever feuding.

While speaking with Entertainment Tonight, Jennifer Aniston called the feud rumors old and silly. She also said that they are not true, so everyone should move on.

Aniston and Jolie were pitted against each other because of Pitt. Shortly after Aniston and Pitt announced their divorce, the latter moved on with Jolie.

Jennifer gushes over Brad and their marriage

Fans of Aniston were quick to accuse Pitt of cheating on his ex-wife with Jolie. However, the actor, Aniston, and Jolie have all denied the claims.

While speaking with Vanity Fair, Aniston said that she chose to believe Pitt when he said that he didn’t cheat on her with Jolie. She also had nothing but positive things to say about her ex-husband.

“We helped each other through a lot, and I really value that. It was a beautiful, complicated relationship. The sad thing, for me, is the way it’s been reduced to a Hollywood cliché – or maybe it’s just a human cliché. I have a lot of compassion for everyone going through this,” Jennifer Aniston said.

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