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Jennifer Aniston shares woodland-themed room in Bel-Air mansion in rare video


Jennifer Aniston shared a glimpse of her home when she uploaded a video of her pet on Instagram.

Jennifer Aniston rarely shares details about her home, but fans get to see a glimpse of her abode in her recent video on social media. The clip reveals Aniston’s woodland-themed room at home.

Jennifer Aniston shared a glimpse of her home

Jennifer Aniston uploaded a video of her beloved pet, Clyde, walking around the open-living room of her home. It showed a spacious area with miniature stool carved out of wood giving the entire space a homey ambiance, Hello! reported.

There was also a large fluffy grey rug and a wooden bar stalls in the background. Clyde laid down on the rug and happily wagged his tail while Aniston zoomed the video at her fur baby.

Aniston has been sharing tiny bits of her home to her fans from time to time. For instance, in March, she shared a video panning around her living room while she watched The Bachelor final.

The clip shows white sofas and sitting cushions close to a large TV mounted on the wall. There are flower centerpieces on the table. And there is an open fire that adds a cozy touch to the room.

Also, she shared a glimpse of her fancy bathtub along with her dress, heels and trophy all in the same frame. The marble bathtub has brass taps and gives one a good view of her garden.

The Friends alum star’s home has a gorgeous garden overlooking Beverly Hills with a spacious lawn and terrace which are perfect for outdoor entertainment.

What did Aniston say about her extravagant home?

Jennifer Aniston put so much effort into the interior designs. According to The Travel, she enlisted designers Stephen Shadley, Kathleen and Tommy Clements and Jane Hallworth to help her bring to life her ideal home.

“Every corner you turn, you have an experience,” she told Architectural Digest. “Everywhere you look, you get a vista. We worked very hard to get that flow right.”

Aniston and Justin Theroux held their secret wedding at her garden.

Jennifer’s former home

Jennifer Aniston occupied another home in Beverly Hills when she was with Brad Pitt.

According to, Pitt and Aniston spent three years renovating their shared property. They replaced the kitchen floor with heated marble and installed a pub. They also installed their screening room.

The home was put on the market for months and was just sold a few weeks ago for $32.5 million. It was initially listed for $56 million last year and $44.5 million in March.

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