Jennifer Aniston ‘shocking’ tell-all about Brad Pitt a ‘lie,’ never happened

Jennifer Aniston 'shocking' tell-all about Brad Pitt a 'lie,' never happened

Jennifer Aniston, allegedly, planned on doing a tell-all about Brad Pitt, among many other things last year.

According to OK! magazine, Jennifer Aniston was ready to talk and she’s also eager to be heard.

Jennifer Aniston shocking tell-all interview rumors a year later

A source told the tabloid that the Friends star was going to break her silence in a shocking interview. Aniston will, allegedly, discuss a slew of topics like her adoption plans and her critics. But Pitt will be given more emphasis in the rumored tell-all.

Aniston will, allegedly, talk about her ex-husband and their belief that they would one day get back together.

The insider claimed that The Morning Show star is known for being tight-lipped. But she’s, allegedly, ready to spill it all. They also called Aniston fearless because she won’t be holding back in her highly-anticipated tell-all.

“She may cry, she may laugh, but she’ll be honest. She’s ready to break her silence,” the source said.

Rumors debunked

Gossip Cop debunked the dubious story last year, but they decided to revisit it again to stress the fact that Aniston’s rumored tell-all didn’t happen. After all, there were no plans for a tell-all, to begin with.

The rumor debunking site also called the rumors a lie because they were just concocted by the tabloid as bait and switch.

Gossip Cop also stressed the fact that Jennifer Aniston and Pitt didn’t get back together last year or any other time since their divorce in 2005. As such, the tabloid claims that the exes believe that they would get back together are incorrect.

Did Brad Pitt propose to Jennifer Aniston last year? 

Did Brad Pitt propose to Jennifer Aniston last year?

The publication also busted OK! magazine for all the other times that they published fabricated claims about the A-listers. Last year, they claimed that Pitt proposed to Aniston.

The tabloid kept pushing the same storyline this year. In February, OK! magazine claimed Aniston and Pitt went public with their relationship.

“Brad and Jen have gotten back together. Right now, they’ve only shared the news with close friends and family, but things are going better than expected,” the tabloid claimed.

If Aniston and Pitt’s family and friends are the only ones that know about their relationship, one can’t help but wonder how the tabloid found out about it.

Around the same time, OK! magazine also claimed that Angelina Jolie was getting her revenge on Pitt and Aniston after they reunited at the SAG Awards.

“There’s no doubt she’ll strike back. It’s possible she’ll ask for millions extra just to get back at him,” the source said.

However, Jolie doesn’t have anything to do with Pitt and Jennifer Aniston. The Maleficent star filed for divorce from her ex-husband in 2016.

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