Jennifer Aniston to join ‘Days of Our Lives’ for dad: Rumor

Jennifer Aniston is reportedly joining the series Days of Our Lives for her dad, John Aniston, before his retirement.

Last year, National Enquirer published a report claiming that Jennifer Aniston would be joining NBC’s daytime soap opera. However, there was no truth to such a claim.

Jennifer Aniston allegedly appearing on DOOL

Jennifer Aniston is one of the most popular celebrities today. A year ago, National Enquirer alleged that Brad Pitt’s ex-wife would appear on the series for her dad.

Her father, John Aniston, is part of the Days of Our Lives. He plays the role of Victor Kirakis since 1985.

An insider told the outlet that Aniston decided to join long-running soap opera to honor her dad before his retirement. She reportedly came up with the idea after shooing a sketch for Ellen DeGeneres Show.

“It got her thinking, it would be wonderful to be a part of his soap opera world before he rides off into the sunset,” the insider told National Enquirer.

“She wants to pay him back for getting her going in show business. Jen is beyond busy as an actress, but she’s going to make time for this. She wants to honor him by working with him while she still has a chance.”

Aniston’s DOOL appearance debunked

Unfortunately, those who are hoping to see Jennifer Aniston on DOOL should not set their hopes too high. Gossip Cop debunked the report and said it was not true.

The Friends alum’s rep has confirmed that the actress is not appearing on the show. Also, the story is reportedly fabricated.

Gossip Cop also busted the same outlet for unreliable reports about the actress. One report claimed that Aniston wanted to have Brad Pitt’s baby through IVF.

Also, the tabloid claimed that Aniston was spying on her ex-husband Justin Theroux. The former couple was allegedly engaged in a cat-and-mouse game as she dug into his dating life.

Aniston has been plagued with various rumors

Jennifer Aniston is a constant subject of fake news. The actress is still linked to her ex-husband Brad Pitt over a decade from their divorce.

New Idea claimed that she was forging a relationship with his kids, especially with Shiloh. Shiloh felt that her dad was happy with Aniston.

Meanwhile, Radar Online claimed that Pitt had been opening up about his dark secrets concerning Angelina Jolie with Aniston. And Aniston allegedly leaked Pitt’s confession to her friends.

“And Jen has been quietly sharing those horror stories among friends, whilst using them as a means to drag Angie’s name through the dirt,” the source said.

However, all those reports were not true.


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