Jennifer Aniston tried to steal Jimmy Kimmel, host losing his show: rumor

Jennifer Aniston tried to steal Jimmy Kimmel, host losing his show: Rumor

Jennifer Aniston allegedly tried to steal Jimmy Kimmel from his wife, and he is losing his show, according to various tabloids.

Jennifer Aniston and Jimmy Kimmel have been friends for years. But one outlet took it further, claiming that his wife was jealous of the Friends alum. Another outlet also alleged he was losing his show. Gossip Cop investigated both claims.

Jennifer Aniston allegedly took Jimmy Kimmel away from wife

Jimmy Kimmel has faced a lot of rumors in the past months. Aside from the “blackface” issue that resurfaced, there were other speculations involving the host.

In 2019, Woman’s Day alleged that Kimmel’s wife, Molly McNearney is not happy with his friendship with Jennifer Aniston. McNearney was reportedly tired of Aniston always “hijacking her husband.”

The outlet also quoted anonymous insiders claiming that McNearney didn’t like it when Aniston and Kimmel go off by themselves. She reportedly felt that Aniston was taking her man.

Gossip Cop debunked the report calling it bogus. Aniston is not only friends with Kimmel; she is also close to McNearney.

In fact, the two women were on the same plane that made an emergency landing. It only means that Aniston has a separate friendship with McNearney.

Aniston and Kimmel friendship

Also, Jennifer Aniston and Jimmy Kimmel’s friendship is well-documented. They do not sneak around and are often seen with their common friends.

Last month, Aniston and Kimmel reunited at the 2020 Emmy Awards. Kimmel hosted the event and Aniston joined him to be the first presenter. Kimmel set fire on stage with Aniston ending up holding the fire extinguisher to extinguish the fire.

Later that night, Kimmel checked with Aniston if she was safely home before he announced the winner of the best actress in a drama series. Zendaya beat Aniston in the category.

Kimmel reportedly losing his show

Last month, National Enquirer claimed that Jimmy Kimmel would be replaced on his show. OK! magazine also published the same narrative. There were speculations that Jennifer Lawrence wanted to fill in his position. The Hunger Games star guest-hosted the show in 2017.

However, the rumors about Lawrence replacing Kimmel in Jimmy Kimmel Live is not true. The two are friends and it is very unlikely that she would want to replace him.

Also, Jimmy Kimmel only took a break from his show. He wanted to have a summer off to be with his family and no one is replacing him.

Also, the replacement rumors should be put to rest. Kimmel already returned to the late-night stage last month, Entertainment Weekly reported.


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