Jennifer Aniston unfriends Jimmy Kimmel after a recent backlash: rumor

Jennifer Aniston unfriends Jimmy Kimmel after a recent backlash: rumor

Jennifer Aniston, allegedly, cut ties with Jimmy Kimmel following a recent backlash that he was involved in.

According to National Enquirer, Jennifer Aniston is worried that her friendship with Kimmel could end her career. As such, she decided to stop associating herself with the host, as well as his wife, Molly McNearney. However, no concrete pieces of evidence can confirm that these hearsays are correct as of this writing.

Jennifer Aniston doesn’t allegedly want to associate herself with Jimmy Kimmel

Still, the insider insisted that after Kimmel wore blackface and used derogatory terms in his comedy sketches in the 90s, Aniston decided it was time for them to temporarily end their friendship.

“It’s fairly obvious she thinks he’s radioactive and she wants to give him a wide berth until the scandal dies down. She doesn’t want to be anywhere near him and that kind of backlash,” the unnamed source said, as per National Enquirer.

Jennifer Aniston, Jimmy Kimmel’s alleged travel plans canceled

Jennifer Aniston, Jimmy Kimmel’s alleged travel plans canceled

The insider also claimed that Aniston decided to cancel her travel plans with Kimmel and McNearney.

“They all had plans to go away to Mexico together in the coming weeks, but Jen’s put that on hold and told them both it won’t be happening any time soon,” the source said.

The insider also said that Jennifer Aniston feels that standing by Kimmel right now would be a career killer. And since she has a lot of things on her plate, she can’t afford to lose her projects.

“Jen is in full preservation mode. She’s cut him off! She’s not going to dip her toe into this sordid mess. Jimmy’s on his own, as far as she’s concerned,” the source said.

Did Jimmy Kimmel flee Los Angeles?

According to the source, the host of Jimmy Kimmel Live! fled Los Angeles to an undisclosed location to escape the backlash that he’s receiving.

Kimmel, reportedly, issued an apology for his past misconduct, but the public doesn’t think that a letter is enough.

Rumors debunked

However, one should take the claims made by the tabloid with a grain of salt. While it is true that Kimmel faced backlash for his previous sketches, he and Aniston are still friends.

And if Aniston decided to cut ties with Kimmel, it is unlikely for the actress to broadcast her decision to a tabloid.

Jennifer Aniston and Kimmel have also been friends for years. In fact, she has appeared on his talk show several times. The cast of Friends has also graced Jimmy Kimmel Live!

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