Jennifer Aniston vowed never to talk to Angelina Jolie for stealing Brad Pitt

Jennifer Aniston vowed never to talk to Angelina Jolie for stealing Brad Pitt

Jennifer Aniston, reportedly, vowed never to talk to Angelina Jolie ever again after the latter, allegedly, stole Brad Pitt from her.

In the book Friends With Benefits, author Ian Halperin spoke with 350 people, reportedly, close to Jennifer Aniston. One of them said that the Friends star promised to never talk to Jolie again.

“Nobody expects her to ever want to be in the same room as Jolie. It would just feel so awkward. Angelina stole her man,” the source said.

Jennifer Aniston, Angelina Jolie spoke one time decades ago

Years ago, Aniston had the opportunity to talk to Jolie after she saw the latter at the parking lot where Friends was being filmed.

During their brief encounter, Aniston told Jolie that Pitt is so excited to work with her. Aniston also said that she hopes Pitt and Jolie will have a wonderful time on set.

Pitt and Jolie worked together for the first time in the movie Mr. & Mrs. Smith. A year after they started filming, Pitt and Jolie fell in love.

Before the casting, Pitt and Aniston were together. But the couple decided to call it quits in 2005.

Angelina Jolie reportedly had fears about Jennifer Aniston, Brad Pitt 

Angelina Jolie reportedly had fears about Jennifer Aniston, Brad Pitt

In Halperin’s book, he said that the drama involving Aniston, Pitt, and Jolie became an insane Bermuda Triangle which left the former devastated and torn mentally.

Halperin wrote in his other book, Brangelina: The Untold Story of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie that the mom of six always feared that Pitt would go back to Aniston.

In the 2009 book, Halperin also seemingly predicted that Jolie and Pitt’s marriage won’t last. And in 2016, his predictions were proven to be correct.

“She really wanted Brad to distance himself from Jen completely after he left her. No matter how much Brad assured her, Angie, deep down, always feared he would go back to Jen,” Halperin said.

Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt divorce

Jolie was also, reportedly, upset when she found out that Pitt was still thinking of Aniston years after their divorce. And the Maleficent star was also furious over claims that Pitt cheated on her.

“It stings for Angelina to know that Brad still thinks about Jen and wants to stay connected to her. Angie went wild when rumors spread that Brad had cheated on her with Marion Cotillard, 42, last year,” Halperin said.

However, it is important to note that Jennifer Aniston ad Pitt are just friends. And the exes never got back together after their divorce 15 years ago.

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