Jennifer Aniston wants to be ‘vibrant and thriving’ when she turns 80


Jennifer Aniston always wants to look good even when she ages.

Jennifer Aniston is one of the few celebrities in Hollywood who seem not to age. The Friends alum is already 51, but she still looks so young for her age. Aniston shares that she wants to be “vibrant and thriving” when she turns 80 and older.

Jennifer Aniston speaks about aging

Jennifer Aniston looks so young for someone in her 50s, and that’s because she takes good care of her body. She thinks her parents can still look better for their age.

Aniston’s dad, John Aniston, is already 87 years old. Meanwhile, her mom, Nancy Dow, was 79 years old when she died in 2016.

“I look at my dad, who just turned 87, and he is Greek — stubborn, fabulous, all those things from that generation — but, you know, I think they could be a little healthier. He’s going to be so mad at me,” Aniston said.

“You know, my mom, c’mon, none of you guys took care of yourselves. But they didn’t know any better. And now we know. So what’s our excuse?” she continued.

Aniston went on and shared some tips with her fans to help them age gracefully like her.

“It’s about just knowing what you put inside your body, exercising — my father, never, ever — they didn’t know you could keep your bones strong, never mind being fit and fitting into a size-whatever,” Aniston explained.

“I’m going to be in my 80s or 90s or maybe now even my 100s at this rate, and I don’t want to be wheeling around. I would like to be vibrant and thriving,” she added.

Jennifer on taking good care of her skin

One of the things that Jennifer Aniston credited for her looks is her skin, which she inherited from her dad. However, the Cake star has always made sure to take good care of it.

“But one thing I would have to say to my younger self is, ‘Don’t take that for granted,’ because you do have to maintain that. It does have a shelf life,” Aniston said.

Aniston admitted that she’s obsessed with skin health. She also confessed that she loved facials.

“I love facials and I change up my facialist,” Aniston said per E! News. “It’s like exercise. It’s good to mix it up.”

Aniston is also very strict when it comes to her diet because she believes that bad food can affect one’s face, body, and energy levels.

“Eating healthy is a way of life. I don’t feel deprived by it because I also will indulge 100%. It’s like 70/30 in everything. Your body listens to you. It’s like talking to a plant. It really will thrive if you’re treating it well,” Brad Pitt’s ex said.

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