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Jennifer Aniston went on secret dates with Jon Hamm rumor debunked


Jennifer Aniston, allegedly, went on secret dates with Jon Hamm last year, and their friends couldn’t be happier.

According to NW, Jennifer Aniston has been asking her friends to link her up with Hamm in between her relationships. And the actress finally got together with Hamm with the help of their friend, Paul Rudd.

“Paul told Jon it’s about time he went for it with Jen. Paul’s known all about Jen’s long-time crush and after all these years, they’re both single. So, in his eyes, the timing was ideal,” the source said.

Jennifer Aniston, Jon Hamm dating rumors debunked

However, an entire year has passed and there hasn’t been any proof that Aniston and Hamm ever dated. Gossip Cop also debunked the tabloid’s claims by saying that if Aniston and Hamm were going on secret dates, how else would the tabloid know about it.

The rumor-debunking site also claimed to have spoken to a rep close to Aniston and was told that the rumors are not true. The Friends star has been single since her divorce from Justin Theroux.

Hamm, on the other hand, is dating his Mad Men co-star, Anna Osceola.

Jennifer Aniston dating life rumors

Several tabloids have been speculating on Aniston’s love life for years. In fact, most of them have been linking The Morning Show star with her ex-husband, Brad Pitt.

Woman’s Day previously claimed that Aniston and Pitt enjoyed a weekend in Venice last summer. While there, the exes, allegedly, attended the Venice Film Festival.

“The festival was buzzing with reports of them being spotted together, from boat trips to dinners and hotel sightings too. If felt like their way of saying, ‘We don’t care who knows about us anymore.’ They’re happy and done with hiding,” the source said.

Brad Pitt back together with his ex-wife?

The same tabloid claimed in August that Pitt and Aniston are back together again. A source claimed that the A-listers agreed to join the Fast Times at Ridgemont High table read because they will confirm the status of their relationship live.

“Jen and Brad were so excited to be working together again. They’re giddy with happiness when they’re in conversation with one another,” the source said.

But shortly after, it was revealed that Pitt was dating Nicole Poturalski. And now that their relationship is also over, it is highly likely for Pitt to be linked to Jennifer Aniston once again.

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