Jennifer Aniston wept after seeing her new home for the first time, designer says

Jennifer Aniston wept after seeing her new home for the first time, designer says

Jennifer Aniston was overwhelmed when she saw her new home for the first time that she wept, according to the designer who worked on it.

Jennifer Aniston loved designing, and she put all of her efforts into achieving her dream home. In fact, she worked with several designers to realize all the stuff she had in her head, and they did well. Because they made Aniston cry when she saw her home for the first time.

Jennifer Aniston cried when she toured her new home

Interior designer Stephen Shadley sat for an interview with Architectural Digest. He had already designed multiple homes considering his years of experience. Also, he had worked for heavy-hitting producers like Robert Altman and Ryan Murphy.

However, when asked about his favorite project of all time, he referred to Jennifer Aniston’s mansion.

“The best experience was the first home I designed for Jennifer Aniston,” Shadley told Architectural Digest.

According to him, he was in charge of architecture, renovation, and decoration. It wasn’t driven by a budget but by the desire to make it a “really wonderful home.” Aniston herself enjoyed the process and was very involved. He described it as a “delight” from start to finish.

During the final reveal, Aniston’s manager Phil and Shadley met the Friends alum at the door. Phil had a dirty martini ready for Aniston, and she was very emotional when she toured the house.

“She cried her way through the whole house. She was just overwhelmed with happiness at her new home,” the designer added.

How involved was Aniston in designing her home

Jennifer Aniston was very sentimental when she designed her house. She wanted to give meaning to everything, including the corners of her home.

“Every corner you turn, you have an experience,” she said.

“Everywhere you look, you get a vista. We worked very hard to get that flow right,” she added.

Aniston would be a designer if she had quit acting

Just recently, Jennifer Aniston admitted that there was a time when she thought of switching careers. It happened after she accepted an unprepared project. The move made her question if she was happy with her profession.

When asked what would be her job in case she had quit acting, the actress said – interior design.

Aniston has been open when it comes to her desire to be a designer. She loves renovating her home and already said in a previous interview that she would want to be a designer if she were not an actress.


Image used courtesy of Tinseltown/Shutterstock

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