Jennifer Aniston worried about his ‘black sheep’ brother after he went missing: Rumor

Jennifer Aniston doesn’t, allegedly, have any idea where her half-brother, Alex “AJ” Aniston is.

According to New Idea, Alex has been MIA for quite some time. He also allegedly ditched Jennifer Aniston and their dad, John Aniston, to lead a reclusive and hippie life.

Jennifer Aniston fears for half-brother’s safety

Since Alex, reportedly, loves joining protests, Aniston is, allegedly, worried that something bad might happen to him.

“No one has heard from AJ in months and he hasn’t been on social media since July. Jen knows he’s very into political protests and fears he’s mixed up in the riots in America. She watches the news of civil unrest in places like Portland – where AJ has friends and is likely to be hanging out – with her heart in her mouth, half hoping to see him so she knows where he is, but half knowing not too so she doesn’t have to fear for his life,” the source said.

Jennifer Aniston planned to adopt AJ's children

Jennifer Aniston planned to adopt AJ’s children

This isn’t the first time that Aniston and her half-brother made headlines due to a dubious story. In May, Woman’s Day claimed that the Friends star is adopting AJ’s children.

A source told the tabloid that AJ abandoned his kids, so The Morning Show star was left with no other choice but to take care of them.

The insider also said that Aniston and AJ have not spoken to each other in at least a decade. But the actress’s divorce from Justin Theroux led to some of her biggest realizations in life.

“This has all made Jen realize how precious life is, and despite her difficult relationship with AJ, it’s a good time for her to help out her estranged family by taking care of the kids. It could also be the actress’s chance to finally have the family she’s always dreamed of,” the source said.

Rumors debunked

Back then, Gossip Cop denied the tabloid’s claims that Aniston is adopting AJ’s kids. The publication also reached out to Aniston’s rep and was told that the tabloid’s story was ludicrous.

Aniston has had a complicated relationship with some of her family members. She previously admitted to having a falling out with her parents. While speaking with Elle, the actress admitted that her mom struggled as a single parent after her husband left her without any explanation.

Before Aniston’s mom passed away, they were, reportedly, able to make amends.

Jennifer Aniston also reconciled with her dad amid the coronavirus pandemic.

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