Jennifer Aniston worried Matthew Perry will expose their fling in his tell-all: Rumor

Jennifer Aniston worried Matthew Perry will expose their fling in his tell-all: Rumor

Jennifer Aniston is, allegedly, stressing after learning that Matthew Perry will be releasing a tell-all.

According to National Enquirer, Perry is ready to expose all the secrets that he knows about Jennifer Aniston and their Friends co-star.

Matthew Perry planning a tell-all

And one of the shocking revelations he will include in his tell-all is his alleged affair with Perry while they were still working together. Aniston doesn’t, allegedly, want the entire world to know about it.

“Matthew’s not dumb. He knows an uncensored account of his time on Friends would be a bestseller,” the source said.

Jennifer Aniston, Matthew Perry dated briefly

The insider also claimed that Aniston and Perry dated briefly. And though their relationship didn’t last very long, the actor is, allegedly, ready to share details about his affair.

Other than Aniston, Perry will also, allegedly, spill details regarding his affairs with Julia Roberts and Yasmine Bleeth.

Matthew Perry has a crush on Courteney Cox

Matthew Perry has a crush on Courteney Cox

Perry will also, allegedly, talk about his crush for Courteney Cox. And the actress’s alleged promise that they would go out on a date if he doesn’t relapse from his drug addiction.

“Obviously, Court never did go out with him, and he’s bitter about it. People are saying she’s worried how he’ll describe the situation in the book,” the source said.

Matthew and Matt’s close friendship

And Perry’s tell-all wouldn’t, allegedly, be complete if he won’t talk about his other Friends co-star, Matt LeBlanc. The latter, reportedly, stood by Perry’s side while he was battling his demons.

“Matthew is fond of Matt LeBlanc, who pledged to go to a fat camp with him. But he won’t be as kind to the girls,” the source said.

Jennifer Aniston, Matthew Perry rumors

Rumors about Jennifer Aniston and Perry have been rife for months. But they’re very different from what the tabloid recently claimed.

Earlier this month, Us Weekly claimed that The Morning Show offered to help Perry get better while he’s hiding in shame.

“Jen has been in regular touch with Matthew. Everyone knows he’s had a rough time lately, and Jen’s offered to help in any way she can while also urging him to look after himself,” the source said.

In August, Life & Style claimed that Aniston was at Perry’s beck and call on his birthday. The actress was, allegedly, the one that helped the actor deal with his birthday blues.

“Celebrating his birthday is the last thing he’s felt like doing. It’s just a sad reminder that he’s getting older,” a source said.

Jennifer Aniston, allegedly, organized a Zoom call for Perry, but the actor, allegedly, refused to attend. However, none of these claims have been proven to be correct.

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