Jennifer Garner achieves her revenge body to compete with Ben Affleck’s girlfriend Ana: Rumor

Jennifer Garner achieves her revenge body to compete with Ben Affleck's girlfriend Ana: Rumor

Jennifer Garner, allegedly, achieved her revenge body to spite Ben Affleck’s girlfriend, Ana de Armas.

National Enquirer reposted two photos of Jennifer Garner from her social media account that shows her toned physique. The 13 Going On 30 star is wearing a black cropped top and wrestling shorts in the photo. Garner is also showing off her biceps in the snap.

Jennifer Garner flaunts her revenge body to make Ben Affleck jealous

Garner is seemingly flaunting her progress at the gym and her recent appearance has nothing to do with de Armas. But the tabloid decided to create drama where there is none.

The tabloid said that Garner is sick and tired of hearing that Affleck has fallen head over heels for de Armas. As such, she wanted to remind her ex-husband of what she’s missing.

“Jen’s always been very confident of her looks, but she decided to step out of mom mode to remind everyone how hot she still is,” the source said.

Jennifer Garner flaunts her revenge body to make Ben Affleck jealous 

Rumors debunked

The tabloid’s claims are wrong on so many different levels. First, it’s unlikely for Garner to be working out for other people. She’s definitely doing it for herself and not to remind others of how hot she still is.

It is also highly unlikely for Jennifer Garner to have achieved her so-called revenge body to remind her ex-husband of what he’s been missing. This is an absurd statement that suggests Garner still hasn’t gotten over Affleck.

However, the exes have been divorced since 2015. And Garner already got into another relationship after her split from Affleck. The Peppermint star and Affleck have definitely moved on from each other.

The tabloid is simply trying to convince their readers that there’s some sort of competition going on between Garner and de Armas when there’s none.

Jennifer Garner enjoys being single

According to OK! magazine, Garner is enjoying her new life as a single mom right now. The actress is, reportedly, into designing the first house that she purchased since her split from Affleck.

“She’s enjoying the process of designing her own space. She envisions good times ahead when the lockdown is over, in a house that’s totally relaxed and kid-friendly and where friends will always be welcome,” the source said.

Jennifer Garner also, reportedly, loves making other people happy on social media. And the actress doesn’t like taking herself too seriously. As such, it’s unlikely for her to be causing drama with de Armas and Affleck.

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