Jennifer Garner bans Jennifer Lopez from meeting her, Ben Affleck’s kids: Rumor


Jennifer Garner doesn’t, allegedly, want Jennifer Lopez to meet her three children with Ben Affleck.

According to National Enquirer, Jennifer Garner is worried that Lopez is just using Affleck as a rebound. So, until the Hustlers star is sure about the actor, Garner thinks it’s best if she doesn’t meet their kids.

A source also claimed that Garner doesn’t think that Lopez and Affleck’s relationship would last. After all, they already dated before and things didn’t work out.

Jennifer Garner no plans to get back together Ben Affleck

So, even though Garner doesn’t have any plans to get back together with Affleck, she still wants to make sure that Lopez won’t be playing with her ex-husband’s heart.

“He spent years telling everyone what a disaster that period of his life with J.Lo was. And now he’s gone running back to her like an attention-starved puppy,” the source said.

As for Garner, the source claimed that the actress couldn’t help but feel bad for Affleck.

“Jen finds the whole situation troubling and sad because she knows how vulnerable and lost Ben must be right now. His behavior is seriously off, but what can she do? He’s going through with this no matter what people think, but it will never have her approval,” the source said.

Jennifer Garner doesn’t want Ben Affleck to introduce J.Lo to their kids

Meanwhile, the tabloid claimed that Jennifer Garner has also been very cautious about introducing her children to her boyfriend, John Miller. So, she expects Affleck to do the same when it comes to Lopez.

“It was fine for him to let them meet Ana because that was a serious relationship. But J.Lo is totally different situation, and for now, she wants Ben to keep his family life and this attention-seeking circus totally separate,” the source said.

Rumors debunked

However, one should take the tabloid’s claims with a grain of salt. Garner hasn’t publicly addressed Affleck and Lopez’s relationship.

But a more reputable source previously said that Jennifer Garner is fine with the A-listers’ relationship.

“She’s trying to live her life and raise her kids and the last thing she wants to be doing is dealing with Ben’s love life. Her focus is always on the kids’ happiness and Ben being a good father,” a source said E! News.

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