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Jennifer Garner, Bradley Cooper spark dating rumors after beach outing


Jennifer Garner and Bradley Cooper have sparked dating rumors after their beach outing with his daughter, Leah.

Jennifer Garner and Bradley Cooper have been friends for years since they starred in Alias in 2001. They have been spotted out and about in the past years. However, their recent sighting comes on the heels of reports that Garner and her boyfriend, John Miller, have already split.

Jennifer Garner and Bradley Cooper dating rumors

TMZ published several photos of Bradley Cooper with his daughter on the beach. The father and daughter were accompanied by a woman. According to the outlet, the woman was Jennifer Garner.

Many are happy after seeing Cooper and Garner, and they are hoping that the two are dating.

“Now that’s a perfect match,” @cwinter1026 wrote.

“I love them together!!!!” @VivianneRoux agreed.

“Jennifer garner only gets quality D,” @careyfreddie1 commented.

“As someone who discovered both of them from Alias, this makes me happy. I’m happy for them,” @68shaubooker added.

“Not into celeb gossip much but OMIGOSH SYDNEY BRISTOW AND WILL TIPPEN ARE FINALLY GETTING TOGETHER!!” @old_man_scratch agreed.

“The thought of Jennifer and Bradley being friends and or romantic partners makes me inexplicably happy. I need to get a life. #Celebrity,” @DenmarkGRL wrote.

“Dammit! Thought they’d make Gr8 couple 2,” @mitchbytes opined.

Jennifer and Bradley rumors before the sighting

It isn’t the first time Jennifer Garner and Bradley Cooper have been rumored to be dating.

Woman’s Day previously reported that Garner and Cooper were sneaking around and dating secretly. An unnamed source claimed that the two were finally taking their friendship to the next level.

There were also claims that Garner and Cooper were expecting their first child together. However, the baby rumor was not true. Neither of them welcomed a new baby.

Garner and Cooper’s friendship

However, one should take the dating rumors with a grain of salt. As mentioned, Jennifer Garner and Bradley Cooper have been good pals, and they have a solid friendship in the past two decades.

Also, Garner and Gooper have bonded several times in the past years with their significant others.

In March 2019, Cooper was spotted in Garner’s house with his ex-girlfriend, Irina Shayk, and their daughter, Lea De Seine. Cooper’s mom, Gloria, also joined the group, People reported.

Garner has spoken fondly about Cooper in the past years, which only showed their tight bond as friends. In 2019, she honored Cooper at the 32nd Annual Cinematheque Awards.

“I know the heart and stomach of Bradley Cooper. Bradley, what’s happening to you now is a pure joy to those who know you, especially to those of us who’ve known you from the start. It turns out you weren’t just handsome all along. You were also a wonder, and you are welcome at my table anytime,” Garner said.

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