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Jennifer Garner, Bradley Cooper think now is their time to be together: Rumor


Jennifer Garner and Bradley Cooper, allegedly, waited decades to be together.

Now that they’re finally single, Jennifer Garner and Cooper have, allegedly, decided to take their friendship to the next level.

Bradley Cooper has had a crush on Jennifer Garner for years

According to In Touch Weekly, Cooper has always had a crush on Garner. However, the actor always respected his co-star’s boundaries.

“They lost a lot of time by not exploring a romantic relationship earlier, but it’s their time now. They’re definitely making up for it. It’s all happening exactly the way it’s meant to be,” the source said.

Bradley Cooper respected his co-star’s boundaries

The insider also claimed that Garner and Cooper strengthened their relationship for almost two decades. And they never acted on their feelings for each other.

“For two decades, he’s been there for her as a true friend, and he never once crossed the line until she was ready. The relationship is naturally moving forward, which is the way it should be,” the source said.

Jennifer, Bradley taking their relationship to the next level

Last month, Garner and Cooper were photographed hanging out at a beach in Malibu with the actor’s daughter. The source claimed that since their sighting, the A-listers have hung out frequently at Garner’s house.

While the rumored couple is still trying to keep their relationship as low-key as possible, the source said that they are already talking about the future.

“And now that they’re both single, they don’t even try to pretend. It’s getting serious,” the source said.

Life & Style also published a similar story about Jennifer Garner and Cooper this week. The tabloid claimed that the A-listers’ relationship is so serious that they’ve already talked about marriage.

A source claimed that Garner and Cooper are also open to the idea of having a blended family with their respective children.

“He’s been around so much lately, it’s as if he’s already moved in, though. Their relationship is getting serious – fast! He thinks Jen’s kids are great and they adore him – and Lea – right back,” the source said.

Rumors debunked

However, there is no truth to the tabloid’s claims. Garner and Cooper are not taking their relationship to the next level because they’re just friends.

During a previous interview, the Peppermint star also gushed over Cooper, saying that he frequently goes to her house to eat.

Since Jennifer Garner and Cooper are both single, they have the right to date other people or even each other. But until that happens, all the claims made by the tabloids are just based on hearsays.

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