Jennifer Garner, Bradley Cooper tying the knot months after ‘flirty’ beach trip debunked

Jennifer Garner, Bradley Cooper tying the knot months after 'flirty' beach trip debunked

Jennifer Garner and Bradley Cooper sparked dating rumors last summer shortly after the actress called it quits with John Miller.

The speculations surrounding Jennifer Garner and Cooper’s relationship started after the A-listers were photographed hanging out at the beach with the actor’s 3-year-old daughter.

At the time, TMZ claimed that Garner and Cooper were flirting with each other. But upon closer inspection, the two were simply building sandcastles with Lea.

Jennifer Garner, Bradley Cooper planning their wedding 

Jennifer Garner, Bradley Cooper planning their wedding

Weeks later, Star claimed to know details about Garner and Cooper’s relationship. The tabloid said that the two went on a date, and the chemistry between them is palpable.

Unfortunately, the tabloid was unable to provide photos from Garner and Cooper’s alleged hangout. Still, they insisted that there has always been some sort of attraction between Cooper and Garner.

However, the A-listers only acted on their alleged feelings for each other recently because they’re both single right now.

Life & Style then took Garner and Cooper’s alleged relationship a notch higher by saying that they’re already planning their wedding.

But the source for the tabloid said that Garner just laughed when the A Star Is Born actor brought up the idea of marriage. Despite Garner’s alleged reaction, the source said that Cooper is still adamant about proposing to the actress.

Rumors debunked

Gossip Cop has debunked all the tabloid’s claims by saying that there’s no wedding or date nights for Jennifer Garner and Cooper. After all, the A-listers are nothing more than friends.

Life & Style also claimed in their headline that Cooper proposed to Garner. However, the actor simply brought up the idea of marriage during his conversation with the Alias star.

However, even this wasn’t true because there couldn’t be any proposal, engagement, or wedding since Garner and Cooper are not an item.

Jennifer Garner responds to pregnancy rumors

Ben Affleck’s wife also made headlines recently after she responded to a fan who asked if she is pregnant with baby number four.

On her Instagram account, the Peppermint star shared a photo of herself with a huge pumpkin covering her stomach. Some fans thought that Garner purposely covered her stomach with a pumpkin to hide her growing baby bump.

“Still not having more babies. Good grief, I didn’t even see it. I just saw matching smiles,” Garner replied to her fans.

Last month, Jennifer Garner also said that she doesn’t have any more plans to add to her family. After all, she already has three beautiful and healthy kids, and she’s also 48 years old.

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