Jennifer Garner ‘disgusted’ with Ben Affleck for making bad choices: rumor

Jennifer Garner 'disgusted' with Ben Affleck for making bad choices: rumor

Jennifer Garner is, allegedly, disgusted with her ex-husband, Ben Affleck.

According to Radar Online, Jennifer Garner is not happy to see how Affleck continues to make bad choices in his life. Last year, the actor fell off the wagon while dealing with his sobriety.

An unnamed source told the tabloid that Garner thinks it was Affleck’s drinking that ruined their marriage. As such, this is something that she can’t forgive or forget.

“They went from being the best of friends to bitter exes almost overnight, and it’s all down to Ben’s bad choices. Jen’s disgusted with him for falling off the wagon, and while he tries to accuse her of being controlling and bossy there’s very little sympathy being shown towards him at this point,” the unnamed source said, as per Radar Online.

Jennifer Garner is allegedly tired of bailing Ben Affleck out

According to the source, Affleck told his ex-wife that his partying days are over. However, she just can’t seem to help himself.

The insider also said that Garner is tired of bailing her ex-husband out every time something goes wrong.

Ben Affleck admits to slipping up after celebrating his first year being sober 

Ben Affleck admits to slipping up after celebrating his first year being sober

Last year, Affleck celebrated his first year being sober. But ABC News Radio revealed that the actor fell off the wagon a few months later.

Video footage obtained by TMZ shows Affleck struggling to stand up and walk straight. One day later, he visited Garner and their kids at the actress’s home.

Reporters asked Affleck about what happened to him the day before and he admitted that it was just a slip-up. The Gone Girl actor also stressed the fact that he won’t let one mistake derail him.

Before his slip-up, Affleck has already been to rehab thrice. Today, he seems to be doing much better.

Jennifer Garner, Ben Affleck co-parent their kids

Earlier this year, Ana de Armas’ boyfriend spoke with Diane Sawyer on Good Morning America. The actor said that he decided to make better choices after realizing that he didn’t want his kids to pay for his sins.

“I took the last half of the year off. And I just got to be a dad. Drive them to school, pick them up. Go to the swim meet. That’s where the parenting happens – it’s in the cracks. It’s in the moments where you’re just taking them back from soccer and they see something profound or they talk about how they’re really feeling about something. That’s where you get to be the parent. That’s the joy of it. And that’s what I don’t want to miss,” he said.

Jennifer Garner and Affleck continue to co-parent their kids, Violet, Seraphina, and Samuel.

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