Jennifer Garner gives heartfelt advice to fan struggling after breakup

Jennifer Garner offers a heartfelt message to a fan who is still mending a broken heart after a breakup.

Jennifer Garner has been known for her sweet nature. She usually leaves funny and inspiring messages to her followers on Instagram. On Monday, she did that by leaving a joyful message to one of her followers.

Jennifer Garner leaves a message to her follower

Jennifer Garner took to Instagram and shared a collage of her quarantine photos. The post made her followers laugh. Meanwhile, one praised her for being “good and kind” while sharing her recent heartbreak.

“It’s that I have finally gotten the courage to [email protected] husband to leave after years of emotional abuse and I [email protected] I will never find happiness or security,” @meregoddess wrote.

“I find a sense of balm from seeing yours buts it’s also mixed with a winsome feeling because I don’t think I’[email protected] be there. He is so vindictive and powerful and I have nothing and no one. Why am I saying this to a stranger? I really don’t know.”

Garner, who also went through a divorce from her ex-husband Ben Affleck a few years back, could relate to her heartbreak over a broken marriage. Garner and Affleck were about to celebrate their 10th wedding anniversary when they announced their split.

“Your heart sounds heavy, I am so sorry,” Garner wrote.

“Hopefully you have powerful women in your corner, reminding you of your strength and your worth. Hopefully, you are able to calm your mind and heart with prayer/meditation/exercise/art. Laughter will come and really — it is worth fighting for. Until then, all of my love.”

Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck’s split revisited

In 2015, Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck separated. Before that, there were speculations that their marriage was already on the rocks due to Affleck’s alcohol addiction.

Despite their split, the exes remain amicable. They co-parent their three children Violet, 14, Seraphina, 11, and Samuel, 8.

In an interview in February, the Batman actor confessed that he didn’t think his marriage would end in divorce.

“I never thought I was gonna get divorced—I didn’t wanna be a divorced person,” he told ABC.

“I really didn’t wanna be a split family with my children — and it upset me because it meant I wasn’t who I thought I was. And that was so painful and so disappointing.”

Garner and Affleck after divorce

Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck’s divorce was only finalized in 2018. Both have already moved on from each other and are back into dating.

Garner has been dating John Miller for over a year already. Meanwhile, Affleck is happy with his girlfriend, Ana de Armas.

Image used courtesy of Kathy Hutchins/Shutterstock

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