Did Jennifer Garner get pregnant with Ben Affleck’s baby after split?


Jennifer Garner, allegedly, got pregnant with Ben Affleck’s baby last year.

Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck separated in 2015. However, one outlet claimed that she got pregnant with her ex’s baby last year. One should take the report with a grain of salt, though, because there is no evidence to support the pregnancy rumor.

Jennifer Garner allegedly got pregnant with Ben Affleck’s baby

In the summer of 2019, Woman’s Day published a report claiming that Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck got back together. The outlet didn’t share how the exes rekindled their romance and immediately started a bogus claim that they were expecting another baby.

“Her friend shrieked with joy and Jen couldn’t stop grinning. It looked like she’d just told her she’s having a baby,” said a so-called source.

The tabloid added that Garner was photographed visiting “a medical clinic that specializes in ultrasounds.” The alleged sighting intensified the pregnancy rumor.

“If Jen is pregnant, there’s no doubt it’s Ben’s baby,” the dubious source said.

“They might have split, but they’ve been inseparable the past few months and they still love each other dearly.”

The insider also added that Affleck already “cleaned up” his act. Thus, a new baby with Garner would have been the “bond they needed to bring them back together for good.”

Pregnancy rumor debunked

Gossip Cop debunked the report. According to the outlet, there are too many reasons why the report is not true.

First, Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner are not back together. Affleck has been very public with his new girlfriend, Ana de Armas. Meanwhile, it’s not a secret that Garner has been dating John Miller.

Second, it has been a year since the report was published, and Garner didn’t welcome a new baby. The Miracles from Heaven star is visible on social media, and there is no proof about the alleged fourth pregnancy.

Third, Woman’s Day is not a reliable source. Gossip Cop points out its history of false reporting, including the claim that Ana de Armas is pregnant, which is also not true.

Garner on being pregnant again

Jennifer Garner has also said it several times that she has no plans to add more to her brood. The celebrity mom is already happy and contented with her three children.

In one guesting on Ellen DeGeneres Show, Garner shared how the people would often congratulate her for being pregnant when she was not expecting. The Alias alum joked that she has a baby bump even if she’s not pregnant.

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