Jennifer Garner not interested in dating Bradley Cooper, no ‘what ifs,’ source says

Jennifer Garner not interested in dating Bradley Cooper, no 'what ifs,' source says

Jennifer Garner and Bradley Cooper shippers will be disappointed to know that the A-listers are nothing more than friends.

After weeks of speculation, a friend close to Garner told OK! magazine that there’s nothing romantic going on between the two. Jennifer Garner and Bradley Cooper are, reportedly, just close pals.

Bradley Cooper, Jennifer Garner just friends

The insider also said that Cooper has remained tight with several of his former co-stars all these years. But Garner is one of the people that he’s closest to.

“She’s one of his best friends, and he looks up to her so much as a person, a mother, and an actress. Friends have always wondered if there’s been a sense of ‘what if’ between them. But that’s just not the case. They have an incredibly close bond and would never want to jeopardize that,” the source said.

Bradley Cooper, Jennifer Garner beach day 

Bradley Cooper, Jennifer Garner beach day

Garner and Cooper first sparked dating rumors after they were photographed at the beach in Malibu. Back then, the A-listers just chatted and laughed with each other. But tabloids immediately assumed that there was something romantic going on between them.

This week, WHO claimed that Garner and Cooper’s relationship is moving forward. Even though they have not commented on their relationship, the publication claimed that it’s only a matter of time before they confirm the real score.

A source also told Life & Style that Jennifer Garner and Cooper have been there for each other through their ups and downs.

“They just had to get the timing right for anything romantic to happen. They’re a perfect match,” the source said.

Ben Affleck didn’t give his ex-wife his blessing

Last week, Life & Style claimed that Ben Affleck finally gave his blessing to Garner and Cooper.

“The biggest supporter of Jen and Bradley’s relationship, surprisingly, is Ben. He says they both deserve happiness. They have his blessing,” the source said.

However, the Batman v Superman couldn’t have given Garner and Cooper his blessing because the two aren’t dating.

Gossip Cop has also debunked this dubious storyline time and again. The rumor-debunking site, reportedly, reached out to a source close to the situation and was told that the rumors aren’t true.

There is no romance blossoming between Garner and Cooper.

However, the reports that the A-listers are single are correct. Jennifer Garner just ended her two-year relationship with John Miller. Cooper, on the other hand, recently split from Irina Shayk.

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