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Jennifer Garner ready to date, looking for love on dating apps: Rumor


Jennifer Garner is, allegedly, ready for love.

According to OK! magazine, Jennifer Garner never closed her heart on love even though she’s been heartbroken several times.

In fact, the 13 Going on 30 actress has, allegedly, been telling her friends that she’s ready to find love.

Jennifer Garner asking help from friends

And Ben Affleck’s ex-wife is also, allegedly, asking her pals to set her up with their male friends.

“She’s put the word out to her friends to set her up and has joined apps and gotten some fascinating responses. She really wants a guy to share her life with,” the source said.

Garner also, allegedly, feels that there’s more to life than just preparing lunches for her kids and taking care of them.

After her divorce from Affleck, Garner didn’t, allegedly, spend too much time crying her heart out because she focused her energy on their children.

What does Jennifer Garner want in men?

Now, the Peppermint star is, allegedly, looking for a self-sufficient, financially stable, and fit man. And someone who has a good sense of humor.

Garner doesn’t also mind dating someone who doesn’t live close to her home.

“She figures, why not? Jen loved Ben and Scott, but she really believes there’s more than one soulmate for her out there. She’s made it clear that she won’t give up on love,” the source said.

As of late, Jennifer Garner hasn’t said anything about wanting to date.

The actress isn’t in a rush to fall in love again

In fact, OK! magazine previously published an entirely different story about the mom of three.

Back in October, the tabloid alleged that Garner isn’t in a rush to date because it’s just not that important to her.

A source told the tabloid that Garner gets asked out all the time. But she usually declines their invitation and tells her prospective dates that she plans with her kids.

“Jen drinks red wine and dances in her living room in pajamas. Jen loves spreading cheer on social media. She doesn’t take herself too seriously and figures people could use a little lightening up,” the source said.

The inside also claimed that Jennifer Garner and John Miller’s relationship ended last summer because the actress just couldn’t commit to her CEO boyfriend.

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