Jennifer Garner says she will never have more kids after fan asks if she’s pregnant

Jennifer Garner says she will never have more kids after fan asks if she's pregnant

Jennifer Garner had a candid response to a fan who asked if she’s pregnant.

Throughout the past couple of months, there have been speculations about Jennifer Garner being pregnant. In fact, tabloids even claimed that she and Ben Affleck could reconcile after the latter got her pregnant.

Jennifer Garner responds to fan’s pregnancy question

On Instagram, one fan asked Garner if she’s expecting after she shared a video of herself wearing a jumper.

“I am 48, I have three healthy kids and am not – and never will be – pregnant. We can lay that pupper to rest. Have I gained the COVID-19? Possibly. But that is another story,” she wrote.

Jennifer Garner receives support from her followers 

Jennifer Garner receives support from her followers

Some of Garner’s fans immediately praised her for answering the pregnancy question. But some of them also said that the Peppermint star shouldn’t have bothered to respond to the rude question.

“So rude! You don’t just ask a woman if she’s pregnant! Manners 101,” one person wrote.

“Jen, you look amazing, healthy, happy, and beautiful. Keep on keeping on,” another fan wrote.

“The only time this is an appropriate question is if you are an x-ray tech,” another fan commented.

Garner was never pregnant with John Miller’s baby

In June, OK! magazine claimed that Garner is expecting a baby with her then-boyfriend, John Miller. A source claimed that the 13 Going On 30 actress didn’t even bother to hide her growing baby bump.

But three months passed and Garner’s relationship with Miller has also ended. Still, there has not been any confirmation that she was ever pregnant.

Two years ago, the same tabloid claimed that Jennifer Garner became pregnant at 46.

“This is the perfect way for Jen and John to start their new life together. Jen thinks it’s a sign – and a miracle,” a source said.

The insider also claimed that Garner and Miller weren’t trying to get pregnant. And the actress, allegedly, thought that she’s too old to conceive naturally.

“But she suspected something was going on because she was gaining weight and couldn’t explain why. She took a test and boom! She was so happy, almost dancing on air,” the source said.

Back then, Garner was unable to set the record straight regarding her alleged pregnancy. But she is doing it now.

Jennifer Garner never became pregnant after giving birth to her youngest child, Samuel eight years ago.

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