Jennifer Garner shares ‘temper tantrums’ as a mom, own ‘Yes Day’

Jennifer Garner shares 'temper tantrums' as a mom, own 'Yes Day'

Jennifer Garner got candid about her family as she shares about her own version of “Yes Day” and temper tantrums as a mother.

Jennifer Garner enjoys motherhood as she co-parents her three children — Violet, 15, Seraphina, 12, and Sam, 9 — with ex-husband Ben Affleck. In her recent interview, she shared how some details about how she disciplines her children.

Jennifer Garner has her own “Yes Day” version

The Yes Day star admitted that she also has a tradition of saying “yes” to her kids once a year as long as what they want is “within reason.”

Speaking about her own “Yes Day” tradition, Garner said she doesn’t mind allowing ice cream for breakfast if they think about it.  In fact, she was willing to go to a little cafe named Huckleberry and have green eggs and ham or enjoy a cup of cappuccino with a few of her close friends. 

Garner also expressed interest in a fun group workout or a walk. She wants to enjoy a beautiful sky with lots of talking and mix in some kid time.

“We all just need an adventure,” she told People. 

Jen is an optimistic mom

Jennifer Garner remains optimistic when it comes to parenting amid the pandemic.  However, she also admitted that she has “temper tantrums.”

“I think I’ve had a couple of temper tantrums. And I hope [my kids] have too,” she continued. “I think you have to. It’s like, have your feelings. But there’s so much to be grateful for.”


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Garner also shared the importance of giving back and how she and her kids incorporate it at home. The 48-year-old mom said they discuss how they can extend help, and one of her kids, her daughter, likes to help people on GoFundMe. In fact, her daughter asked for little GoFundMe money from her on Christmas because it “gives her a lift.”

Although Garner and her children share a great bond, just like other moms, there were also times when there were little aggravations at home. During those times, she found it best to just walk away.

Garner is not happy when her kids ignore her when she talks to them five times in a row or when they are mean to each other. She also doesn’t like it when they just lay on the floor and don’t try things. 

Although she understands where they are coming from, saying she basically does the same, sometimes she just wants to walk away from them, and she believes that it’s fine for parents to do so. According to Garner, there are times when parents should walk away, and they don’t have to announce it beforehand.


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