Jennifer Garner sparks pregnancy rumors after sharing Halloween-themed photo

Jennifer Garner sparks pregnancy rumors after sharing Halloween-themed photo

Jennifer Garner sparked pregnancy rumors in her most recent Instagram post with a pumpkin covering her stomach.

Jennifer Garner celebrated the spooky season by creating a jack-o’-lantern. However, many of her fans thought her post was a pregnancy announcement for some reason.

Jennifer Garner shared her jack-o’-lantern

Jennifer Garner has been single since her split from John Miller a few months ago. However,  she has always been subjected to various pregnancy rumors over the years, even when she was with ex-husband Ben Affleck years ago.

Garner recently shared a photo on Instagram with her own jack-o’-lantern. In the snap, she is seated on the floor with the lantern covering her belly. She is wearing a white shirt, blue jeans and white sneakers with a huge smile on her face.

“When you and your jack-o’-lantern share a vibe,” she wrote in the caption.

Fans think Jennifer is pregnant

Apparently, Jennifer Garner was just celebrating the season. However, some thought that her picture meant something else. They thought it was a pregnancy announcement because the pumpkin is smiling and it has a little one inside it.

“I thought this was a pregnancy announcement for a hot second,” one commented on her post on Instagram.

“Wait….are you pregnant or is this something from back when someone posted a pic and thought you were but it was quarantine weight?! Please say you are!!!” another added.

“Umm does that mean there is a little Jennifer behind that pumpkin?” another user wrote.

Garner speaks about getting pregnant again

Jennifer Garner has been rumored to be pregnant over the years, but the Alias star has already addressed those speculations. She made it clear that she has no plans to get pregnant again.

In 2014, she appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres Show and shared how people would often congratulate her because they thought she was expecting. During the guesting, Garner jokingly confirmed she had a baby bump.

“Hold up, I am not pregnant but I have had three kids and there is a bump,” Garner said.

“From now on ladies, I will have a bump. It will be my baby bump and let’s all just settle in and get used to it. It’s not going anywhere. I have a bump – it’s name is Violet, Sam, Sera – like a camel but in reverse.”

In multiple interviews, Garner set the record straight, she has no plans to have more kids. According to the Miracles from Heaven actress, she’ already good with her three kids with ex Ben Affleck.

Image used courtesy of Jaguar PS/Shutterstock

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