Jennifer Garner starting blended family with Bradley Cooper amid marriage discussions: Rumor

Jennifer Garner and Bradley Cooper are, allegedly, ready to take their relationship to the next level. Since they have children of their own, they are, allegedly, open to starting a blended family with each other.

After the A-listers were spotted hanging out at the beach last month, rumors swirled that they are dating. Jennifer Garner and Cooper have not confirmed their alleged romance, but tabloids are saying that they are ready to move in together.

Jennifer Garner, Bradley Cooper moving in together

According to Life & Style, Garner and Cooper are currently discussing their plans to live together. Cooper will be the one to move into Garner’s home, which means that he would be with the actress’s three children.

Before Cooper moves in with Garner, the Peppermint star, allegedly, told her children that they would see more of Cooper in the coming days.

“He’s been around so much lately, it’s as if he’s already moved in, though. Their relationship is getting serious – fast!” the source said.

Jennifer Garner and Bradley Cooper have always had feelings for each other

Jennifer Garner and Bradley Cooper have always had feelings for each other

The insider claimed that Garner and Cooper have always had feelings for each other. But they never acted on it because they were with other people.

Now that they are both single, Garner and Cooper allegedly decided to act on their feelings for each other. The Silver Linings Playbook actor is also, allegedly, thrilled to have a little Brady Bunch situation with Garner.

“He thinks Jen’s kids are great and they adore him – and Lea – right back,” the source said.

Bradley Cooper promises his former co-star that he won’t hurt her

Other than having their respective kids, the tabloid said that Jennifer Garner and Cooper share another similarity. They have both, reportedly, been burned in the past.

Garner has been divorced twice. That’s why Cooper, allegedly, assured her that he wouldn’t hurt her. The actor, allegedly, put Ben Affleck’s ex-wife at least by saying all the right things.

Bradley, Jennifer in marriage talks?

The 13 Going On 30 star allegedly believes Cooper and she’s confident that he won’t hurt her. Cooper has, allegedly, mentioned the idea of marriage to Garner, and the actress just laughed the comment off.

However, the mom of three isn’t, allegedly, closing her doors on marriage.

“So far, Jen has mostly laughed him off, telling Bradley one step at a time. But who knows? He has big wedding plans and could surprise her with a proposal. They may have lost time by not exploring a romantic relationship earlier, but it’s their time now and they’re definitely making up for it,” the source said.

Rumors debunked

However, one should take the claims made by the tabloid with a grain of salt. Garner and Cooper aren’t dating. As such, there’s no reason for them to move in together or even talk about having a blended family.

Gossip Cop also slammed the tabloid’s story by calling it a “bait and switch.” After all, the tabloid claimed that Jennifer Garner and Cooper talked about marriage, but they’re not even engaged.

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