Jennifer Garner starting to have a complicated relationship with daughter Violet: Rumor

Jennifer Garner starting to have a complicated relationship with daughter Violet: Rumor

Jennifer Garner is, allegedly, starting to have a falling out with her 15-year-old daughter, Violet.

During a recent interview, Jennifer Garner admitted that it’s been a challenge adapting to Violet’s ever-changing personality now that she’s a teenager.

Immediately after, National Enquirer took the actress’s words out of context and claimed that her relationship with her eldest child is starting to become estranged.

Jennifer Garner not falling out with Violet

However, upon closer inspection, this couldn’t be farther from the truth. Garner is simply experiencing what most moms of teenagers are experiencing.

In fact, Ben Affleck’s ex-wife also revealed that there have been some challenges when it comes to raising her younger kids, Seraphina and Samuel.

“As they get older, more of the fun for them is making fun of me, kind of torturing me. Whereas when they were little, it was breaking more simple rules,” the source said.

‘Yes Day’ becomes a big hit

Garner opened up about her relationship with her three children while promoting her hit Netflix movie, Yes Day.

She also revealed that the movie about a mom that always says no to her kids has some parallels to her parenting style in real life.

Jennifer Garner admits to having temper tantrums

Jennifer Garner admits to having temper tantrums

Meanwhile, the 13 Going on 30 actress also revealed that she has had some temper tantrums as a mom. And there are times when she just feels the need to walk away.

“I don’t know that I’ve stayed positive the whole time, I think I’ve had a couple of temper tantrums. And I hope [my kids] have too. I think you have to. It’s like, have your feelings. But there’s so much to be grateful for.,” she said.

Garner also revealed that one of the things she does when she’s stressed is to give back.

“You take a deep breath and start brainstorming about what can we do to help. Like my daughter, she likes helping people on GoFundMe, so for Christmas, she asked for a little GoFundMe money. She said it just gives her a lift,” Jennifer Garner told People.

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