Jennifer Garner thankful for having relationship with John Miller

Jennifer Garner and John Miller might have parted ways, but Ben Affleck’s ex-wife would always be thankful for their romance.

John Miller proved to Jennifer Garner that he was worthy of her love. Sadly, things had to end between them.

The reason behind Garner, Miller’s surprising split

A source told Us Weekly Miller made Garner felt she was “beautiful, confident, and sexy.” He tried her best to show her that there were still men that she could trust after breaking up with Affleck.

“He came into her life at a low point and became someone very significant,” the insider revealed.

Garner and Miller parted ways in August after two years of dating. However, they remained amicable.

“Jen says John brought her back to life,” the tipster continued. “It just wasn’t meant to be.”

Allegedly, the 42-year-old businessman already wanted to marry the actress, but his then-girlfriend “could not commit.”

“John was ready to propose — they had many conversations about marriage,” a second source revealed. “But Jen couldn’t see herself married to him.”

This made Miller felt devastated, wanting to spend the rest of his life with Garner.

Jennifer Garner, Affleck’s infamous divorce

In October 2018, news emerged Miller and Garner had been secretly dating for six months.

“John and Jen are in similar places in their lives and can relate to raising kids after a divorce,” a third tipster added. “They’re on the same page and understand where things stand.”

The CaliGroup CEO also came out of a broken marriage with Caroline Campbell, to whom he had two kids.

Affleck and Garner parted ways in 2015. They had finalized their divorce in 2018, although they remained on good terms for their three kids, Violet, 14, Seraphina, 11, and Samuel, 8.

How the pandemic affected Garner’s life?

Meanwhile, Garner revealed how COVID-19 pandemic affected her life. The virus started to change her plans ever since it began to grapple the world.

Despite that, she still saw the most important things amid the crisis. During the quarantine, she learned it was OK not to have a “packed schedule.”

“Last year, I think I traveled almost every single week,” she told Today. “This year, I was already on a pretty good roll.”

Garner admitted canceling all her activities at the time made her feel “kind of panicked.”

“But, you know what? It’s OK to slow down,” she continued. “It’s OK to just be home.”

Jennifer Garner was grateful that they still found ways to connect with others, even remotely. She was also thankful that they could sleep in their beds and saw a lot of “beautiful silver linings.”

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