Jennifer Garner thinks Ben Affleck, Jennifer Lopez’s relationship is affecting her kids negatively: Rumor

Jennifer Garner thinks Ben Affleck, Jennifer Lopez's relationship is affecting her kids negatively: Rumor

Jennifer Garner is, allegedly, trying to shield her three children from the hype that’s surrounding their dad Ben Affleck’s relationship with Jennifer Lopez.

According to Star, Jennifer Garner has no qualms about her ex-husband and Lopez dating.

However, she’s worried that all the hype could have a negative impact on her kids, Violet, Seraphina, and Samuel.

Marc Anthony protective of Jennifer Lopez like Jennifer Garner is with Ben Affleck

Lopez’s ex-husband, Marc Anthony is also very protective of his ex-wife and their twins, Max and Emme.

“Marc knows Jen will be respectful when Ben is on the scene and the kids are around,” the source said.

Jennifer Lopez, Ben Affleck couldn't care less about what other people think 

Jennifer Lopez, Ben Affleck couldn’t care less about what other people think

But regardless of what their exes might think and feel, Affleck and Lopez are, allegedly, on cloud nine. And by the looks of it, their relationship is, allegedly, for keeps this time around.

“Jen feels like a loved-up teenager. She gets butterflies when she’s with Ben, and she doesn’t care who knows it,” the source said.

Following Lopez and Alex Rodriguez’s split, the former, allegedly, turned to Affleck for support. And both of them didn’t expect to rekindle their relationship.

“Ben wasn’t so keen on getting this serious so soon at first. So, Jen basically had to talk him into it. She begged him to just go all in and trust fate – otherwise she said it wasn’t worth it,” the source said.

Will Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck invite Jennifer Garner to their wedding?

Now, the source claimed that Lopez and Affleck finally went all in. And they have also been spending a lot of time with each other.

“They’ve been spending a fortune on jets and stays at exclusive resorts with their entourages in tow,” the source said.

The tabloid took their allegations about Lopez and Affleck a notch higher by saying that the couple will eventually walk down the aisle.

Years ago, Affleck and Lopez were supposed to tie the knot but they called off their engagement just days before their wedding.

This time around, there are claims that the A-listers will be heading to the altar.

And if they do, it is unclear if they will be inviting their exes, Alex Rodriguez and Jennifer Garner.

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