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Jennifer Garner open to Bradley Cooper about Ben Affleck concerns: Source says


Jennifer Garner and Bradley Cooper are very close even before their beach sighting, and she is very open to him about her ex, Ben Affleck, according to a source.

Jennifer Garner and Bradley Cooper have known each other for over a decade after they starred in Alias in 2001. The two sparked dating rumors when they were spotted in Malibu with his daughter, Lea De Seine.

According to a source, Garner has always been close to Cooper. The Miracles from Heaven star’s split from John Miller paved the way for her to reconnect with Cooper.

Jennifer Garner and Bradley Cooper relationship

Jennifer Garner and Bradley Cooper have shared a close bond for almost two decades already. However, the two sparked romantic rumors following their beach sighting in Malibu.

Garner is very open to Cooper about her life. She opened up her concerns about her ex-husband, Ben Affleck, to Cooper, according to a source.

“He was the first guy she really opened up to. It has been hell for her losing Ben – the father of her three children – when she worked so hard on that marriage, but he was more interested in liquor,” an insider told Woman’s Day New Zealand, about the pair.

Cooper has reportedly helped Garner understand what went wrong with her marriage with the Batman v Superman star. Also, Garner trusts Cooper that she opens up with him things she hasn’t told her therapist, the outlet noted.

“Being able to unload all of this to Bradley has made her feel better. Jennifer is giddy with excitement. Bradley’s the ultimate gentleman and obviously is only getting better looking with age,” the source added.

Ben Affleck not giddy about Bradley and Jennifer rumors

While Jennifer Garner is allegedly excited about the possibilities with Bradley Cooper, his ex-husband, Ben Affleck, isn’t.

Another outlet claimed that Garner and Cooper’s inner circle are happy about them, seemingly taking their friendship to the next level. However, Affleck wasn’t as enthusiastic.

“He was always a bit jealous of Jen and Brad’s connection during their ‘Alias’ time together. They’ve always been at ease with each other, but now it’s deeper, and they’re adorable together,” a source New Idea.

However, one should take the report about Affleck’s reaction to Garner’s dating status with a grain of salt. The Gone Girl star is very happy with his girlfriend, Ana de Armas.

Garner and Cooper just friends

Some of Jennifer Garner and Bradley Cooper’s fans hope that they are an item. However, several sources close to the pair insisted that they are not dating.

One friend came forward and said Cooper and Garner are just friends. They have been friends for years and have always been like that since forever.

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